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072209 Laurie Gysbers Peoria, AZ 
Pulmo Aide compressor Pulmo Aide compressor, nebulizer by DeBilbiss - FREE
091907 Pansy Santiago-Siler Cordova, TN 
Special Needs Bike for SALE
May be used for therapy or just fun. Requires almost no leg strength to propel. Has rear handle for assistant to help rider with maneuvers if necessary. Like new. For Sale at $2000.
061806 Carol Wright Phoenix, AZ 602-696-1609 
Crow River Vangater Platform Wheelchair Lift for sale I recently purchased a 1994 Chev Conversion Van equipped with a Crow River Vangater platform wheelchair lift that I have no need for.  I would like to list and sell.
060806 Timothy Lillie Phoenix, AZ 602-621-3886
Forearm crutches for trade I am having surgery on my foot on June 16, 2006. I purchased new, never used forearm crutches that are too small. I would like to trade them for ones to fit a man 6 feet tall. If anyone in the Phoenix area can help in the next 6 days, I would be grateful. Thank you. 
090505 Rene Larson Tempe, AZ 480-894-6418
Camp Healthcare A.F.O.s - Used, but plenty of life left in my left leg Camp Healthcare Toe-Off and Ypsilon A.F.O.s.  Both are size Large.  Toe-Off has extra soft kit.  Free if you can come pick them up.
051405 J. Eliscu, Tucson, AZ (520) 326-5904
Jazzy 1122 Electric Power Chair
Must sell $1800. Has never been outdoors, brand new, fits someone up to 5'8" and as much as 300lbs.  Jazzy Power chairs are the highest performing and easiest to use.  Jazzy is America's number one choice when it comes to power chairs.  Mid wheel design provides tight and precise control.  Response to terrain challenges are instant and aggressive.  Active Trac and full rear suspension for superb outdoor performance.  Full rehab capabilities.  Increased top speed of 6 mph.  Rear basket.
052704 I. Cox Phoenix, AZ 602 446-4639, leave message 2 Hoyer lifts, 2 Craftmatic beds, 3 walkers, 2 blood pressure machines, shower bench, 3 raised toilet seats. 2 Hoyer hydraulic patient lifts $250 each, 2 Craftmatic adjustable beds with heat and massage pillow top mattresses $250 each, 3 walkers 2,3,4 wheeled baskets and seats $10-$50, 2 blood pressure machines 1 automatic 1 wrist model $25 each, 1 shower bench $25, 3 raised toilet seats $10 each.
030604 Regena Sims
Orange County, CA Electric Wheel Chair w/additions and Lift gate to transport Together brand new these cost around $14,000. Both purchased at same timeframe about a year and half ago for my brother. He was only able to use them for a short time before passing away. Both in like new condition....rarely used. He used to have the lift on the back of a Suburban. Type of Wheelchair: Quickie S-626 with hand control at the end of the right arm chair. Color: Black The extras on the chair is as follows: shelf for life support system and two holders for oxygen tanks. Headrest and thick padding for buns. Also has a compartment for extra battery. I need to sell them to cover his bills. Hoping for $8,500 for both. Accept best offer. Please email any questions. Pictures available upon request.
021403 Rita Comfty Keyboard Hi I have a COmfty Keyboard to sale that hooks onto a computer. I have several software disks that goes with it. I believe there are 5 or so. Most of these programs are new in the box never used before. I am asking 50.00 for everything. Shipping should be around 8.00. I can e-mail a photo if anyone would like to see what it looks like. My son loved this keyboard but we have now moved onto a touch screen. Any questions please e-mail me.
072601 Steve Timmer

Chief Executive Officer
Dewitt, MI
(517) 668-8188
Premier Programming Solutions Offers Free Copies of Innovative Software to Those Experiencing Difficulty Reading Printed Material  Premier Programming Solutions (PPS), a DEWITT, Mich.-
based software development company, is making Scan and Read a unique software package that instantly translates written text into spoken language available for free to schools, libraries, literacy groups and non-profit training organizations around the world.
062701 Cynthia Van Nuys, CA or Air Bed I have an air bed that I don't use it adjusts to the firmness you need. It is used for people who are pressure sensitive like para's or quadrapligics. Mainly it is to avoid pressure sores.
042301 Wheels from Above  Phoenix , AZ Diane Sullivan 602-955-6370 Feeding tubes and back pack Willing to exchange two boxes of new feeding tubes and companion back pack for flexi-flow pump. 
040201 Wheels from Above  Phoenix , AZ Diane Sullivan 602-955-6370
P.O. Box 5034 Mesa, AZ. 85211 Phone: 602-694-4687
Used medical equipment A Christian, non-profit organization staffed by volunteers.  Equipment available to those who qualify, on a loan basis, free of charge. To qualify, must have a denial letter from  insurance or agency  equipment had been requested, or have no health insurance or  inadequate funds  available. Primarily serve the Metropolitan Phoenix Area. Individuals willing to travel here from other Cities or States may also have their needs met. 
022501 Angi Ghrist Phoenix, AZ or (602)257-0475(evenings) Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift Fully automatic Braun Hydraulic wheelchair lift and tie downs. Works great! You remove. $800.00
121300 Ross Products Nationwide Ross Products
Consumer Relations
M-F 8-5pm 1-800-227-5767
Receive $4.00 in coupons for Pediasure every month Sign up to receive 2 - $2.00 coupons off Pediasure every month. Call the contact number listed. They will ask for your name, address and phone number. Then every month at about the same time you need to call back to issue new coupons. Way to go ROSS PRODUCTS! (Best price for Pediasure is at Toys R Us right now at 10.99 for 6-8oz cans).
092700 Sandra Jones Arizona Veil Enclosed Bed I have a veil enclosed bed system that my son used that I need to sell to pay for funeral expenses. If anyone is interested, I'm asking $2000.00. Please e-mail me if you know of anyone who could use this bed.
041000 Family Voices Varied Varied Computer Recycling Resource List Here is a list of organizations that recycle and/or donate computers. Click on the link in the "Available" column and it will take you to the list.
022200 Sue Badeau Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 215
735-9988 X308
Wheelchair, brand new FREE.  You pay cost of shipping or transportation - Not motorized, fits 11 year old boy, average to small in size. Son passed away less than 2 months after receiving new chair.
021400 Kathe Not Indicated Phone: 480 497-1369 Pogon stroller Never Used.  Asking $200.00
020400 Susan Not Indicated Scooter Lift $400.00

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