BYLAWS of the S.H.A.R.E. Network
Special Help and Respite Exchange Network
Originated 020700

ARTICLE I - Name, Purpose, and Mission Statement
Section 1 - Name
The name of the Corporation shall be "Special Help and Respite Exchange Network", hereafter referred to as SHARE Network.

Section 2 - Purpose
The purpose of SHARE Network is to establish an integrated network of community-based agencies, families, and state and public organizations that deal with the special needs community to effectively disseminate information, equipment, and resources for those with special needs who need it at a low to no cost.

Section 3 - Mission Statement
It shall be the mission of SHARE Network to interact with and support state and public organizations, the community, and families of special needs children and adults in their effort to provide services and equipment to those with special needs who need it. SHARE Network will provide an alternative means of obtaining these services and equipment to those who need it. SHARE Network will promote community awareness through information, publicity, the internet, community education, and referrals to cooperative programs. SHARE Network will also support alternative activities through co-sponsoring or sponsoring events and activities which will promote positive awareness for the community and families of special needs children and adults.

ARTICLE II - Membership

Section 1 - Authority
SHARE Network shall have and may exercise all the powers now and hereafter conferred upon nonprofit corporations organized under the laws of ARIZONA and may do everything necessary or convenient for the accomplishment of any of the corporate purposes, either alone or in connection with other organizations, entities or individuals, and either as principal or agent, subject to such limitations as are or may be prescribed by law. SHARE Network operates through private donation and grant funding.

Section 2 - Composition
SHARE Network will be composed of volunteer members from the community who are directly related to or show an interest in being involved with the dissemination of information, services, and/or equipment for those individuals with special needs and/or their families. It shall include, but is not limited to, representatives from local state agencies, community agencies, family members, those with special needs, and concerned citizens.

Section 3 - Membership
The membership of SHARE Network will be open to all who would like to participate at no charge. Participation with SHARE Network will be at the discretion of the members of the Board and not allowing participation will be determined by a vote and passed by a quorum of the Board.

Section 4 - Voting Rights
Each SHARE Network Board member shall be entitled to one vote on any question, issue or election as presented.


Section 1 - Executive Council
The Executive Council is made up of the following:

A - Chair of the Council
The Chair will be elected annually during the month of November. The Chair must have a working knowledge about the SHARE Network or other experience beneficial to this organization. The Chair will not be paid by the grant in any way, and will be willing to serve in that capacity. The duties of the Chair shall include, but is not limited to:
- Preside over the Council meetings
- Oversee daily activities of SHARE Network

B - Vice-Chair
The Vice-Chair will be elected annually during the month of November. The Vice-Chair shall act as Chair in the absence of the Chair and shall perform such other duties as assigned by the Chair.

C. - Secretary
The Secretary will be elected annually during the month of November. The duties of the Secretary will be to take minutes of each meeting. The Secretary will perform such other duties as designated by the Chair.

D. - Treasurer
The Treasurer will be appointed and approved by the Council. The Treasurer is responsible for the financial statements and reports on them. The treasurer is also responsible for all tax forms deemed necessary.

E. - Coordinator
The Coordinator and office staff will be hired by the Executive Committee. The duties of the coordinator and office staff shall include:
- Scheduling times and locations of all meetings
- Notify all SHARE Network participants of up coming meetings, events and other activities pertaining to SHARE Network
- Write Grants
- Follow directions of the Chair

Section 2 - Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees are made up of five (5) members from the Council. They will be elected annually from nominees submitted by the Executive Council and SHARE Network Council and voted by participants of SHARE Network that are in attendance at the meeting held in November or by verified e-mail ballots. They will be non-voting members of SHARE Network during their term of office as a trustee. Their duties include:
- Overseeing affairs of the corporation
- Have the power to make changes in SHARE Network membership

Section 3 - SHARE Network Council
The corporation shall have voted members as may from time to time be prescribed by it's bylaws. The designation of each member and their manner of election or appointment annually during the month of November. Their qualifications, tenure, terms of membership, rights, powers, privileges and immunities shall be as from time to time stated in the bylaws. The duties are:
- To be actively in fulfilling the goals and mission statement of SHARE Network


Section 1 - Meetings
Meetings for SHARE Network Council may be called by the Chair or by a majority of the Council. The time and place of the meeting will be announced at least one week in advance. The SHARE Network council will meet on a monthly basis or as needed. The Executive Council will meet monthly or as needed and the Board of Trustees will meet quarterly or as needed.  

Section 2 - Quorum
The Chairperson or his/her designee and those members of the Council present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Council business. The quorum must consist of three (3) or more people.

Section 3 - Minutes
As a matter of record, minutes shall be kept at all SHARE Network meetings, and made available by the Secretary in a timely manner to all members of the Council and all members of SHARE Network upon written (e-mail or standard mail) request.

Section 4 - Attendance
Those persons (not members of the SHARE Network Council) who express an interest in attending a Council meeting shall be permitted to do so with the recommendation of any one member of the Council. Members of the SHARE Network Council missing three (3) or more unexcused meetings in a row, will be contacted as to their commitment to SHARE Network.


Section 1 - Appointments
SHARE Network shall appoint such sub-committees as shall be deemed necessary to carry out the plans and objectives of the Mission Statement. The Executive Council shall designate the sub-committees, define the duties and appoint the sub-committee chairperson.

Sections 2 - Meetings
Sub-committees shall meet as often as necessary in order to perform their duties. The members present at any sub-committee shall constitute a quorum. Each sub-committee shall report its activities to the Council.

ARTICLE VI - Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Executive Council by quorum vote. Notice of the proposed amendment changes shall then be given to each voting member of the Council at least two (2) weeks prior to any meeting in which a final vote will be taken to amend the bylaw.