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Date Name City Contact Request For Additional Information
122007 J. Tolson Rockville, MD 301-762-3113
Britax Standard Traveling Plus with Seat Abductor Britax Standard Traveling Plus costs $699 with a seat abductor for $89.95. Item is not covered under insurance and can not afford cost out of pocket.
102607 Nancy Kelly (Supports Coordinator)
Pittsdburgh, PA 412 920-2171 
Fence and Lockable Hot Tub Lid In need of a tall, sturdy fence to fence in their backyard and a lockable secure lid for his hot tub for Alex, 12-year-old young man diagnosed with Severe Mental Retardation, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD, Hypoglycemia, Seizure Disorder and Endocrine Disorder. He's impulsive and has no safety awareness. he and his family receive support from a Behavior Specialist Consultant through Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services with Pressley Ridge Autism and Developmental Disabilities Program. Alex demonstrates severely challenging behaviors which impact the development in the social, communication, sensory and safety areas. Alex has a tendency to become aggressive with his siblings which is a constant struggle within the family structure. Alex has a tendency to run off, and often places himself in harms way. He will attempt to run out of the house. He will demonstrate daily temper tantrums which include dropping all of his weight to the floor, kicking, hitting, screaming, and head banging. Alex will get out of his home/yard and will run into the street, into neighbor's homes, a pond, or a neighbor's swimming pool. Alex is unable to swim. Alex requires the assistance of 4-5 adults to get him back home in a safe area when he does get out. Alex has 4 other siblings ages 2, 4, 6, and 14. If one of Alex's parents are home alone with the kids and Alex gets out they have to make a choice between chasing after Alex and risking the other children's safety or staying with the other kids and letting people in the community bring Alex home. Alex demonstrates sensory processing deficits and uses water play and his hot tub to organize his central nervous system and also uses this as a coping strategy to calm down. Currently his hot tub is not in use as the lid was broken so his parents/caregivers are unable to use it due to the safety hazard it poses if filled without a lockable lid. Individual Supports Coordinator and Alex's parents have had discussions Allegheny County Department of Human Services about funding the supply and installation of a fence however the County has told both that they will not approve a request for a fence, as it does not meet any service definitions under the Person Family Directed Waiver in which Alex is enrolled. I have looked into obtaining funding from Achieva Family Trust for this need also so however this request has not been responded to from that organization. Alex's parents have done as much as they can to secure their home to ensure their son's safety such as replacing the windows with windows Alex cannot operate, installed keyless pads on the inside and outside of the garage door and front door, and a key lock for their sliding glass door. They have alarms on all the doors as Alex will get up in the night and try to get out of the home.
102607 Not Given Carrier Mills, IL  618-926-8197 Roofing and Plywood and labor assistance 50 year old man and wife 46 years old and the wife has liver cancer, lupus. The doctor gave her 1 to 3 years to live. She is going to die sooner, due to no heat nor roof on their home. It is leaking so bad that the ceilings are falling in. They had to throw away their bed and bedroom furniture because it has rained on it and they are getting very sick from it. Is there anyone who is willing to donate the roofing and plywood and help the husband roof their house? I think there is a God and hope he will send an angel soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this. May God bless you all and bless the one or ones who will help this family even more They have no place to live right now.
101007 Torri Johnson Washington,  DC 
202 250-6119
Bye Bye Buggy/Turtle bus In need of a four + seat bye bye buggy/turtle bus that daycare(s) use to transport kids on walks and field trips. I operate a home daycare in a low income area of Washington, DC. Needed mainly for trips to our neighborhood Library, so that crossing the busy intersections will be safe. Thanks In Advance.
100907 Deirdre Platermoorman Austell, GA 
678 437-8958
Computer I need a computer so that I can go to school on line at home and better our lives. As far as my kids education, to do research homework prolems and have online tutorials.
100807 Angelica Rovira Bushkill, PA 
570 588-3483
Jazzy electric wheelchair I need a Jazzy electric wheel chair I weight 299 lbs. need extra width seat I will be graduating from college in June 2008 I need the chair to get around the school and my house. I can't use my manual wheel chair any more, because I had an operation on my left arm & shoulder and I cannot use my left arm to move the manual wheel chairs wheels. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful I have $700 dollars I saved up to pay for the used Jazzy Wheel Chair It must be in working order Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter
100807 Deb VanderGaast Tipton, IA 
563 886-3143
Playground Equipment Want to purchase used playground equipment for family daycare for children with special needs. 
100807 KaTrina Nelson Claire, WI 
715 495 7843
Double Seated stroller I am a single ,mother of two beautiful boys. I currently am in college trying to make a better life for us. I don't have to much time for a job, although I do work part time at the school. We are barely making ends meet and would really appreciate the help in giving my babies some fresh air.
092207 Kevin Ingram Detroit, MI 
Aero Air Mattress with pump Aero air mattress for quadriplegic with pump.
092107 Merle Hopkins Oak Island, NC 
Mobility Scooter No additional information given
083007 Gurtha Scott Chicago IL
Wheelchair lift for van No additional information given
082007 Terease Lee Mt. Clemens, MI
Mobility Scooter In severe need of a mobility scooter, I suffer from D.J.D Arthritis, which affects my feet, ankles and my fingers, knuckles with knots and all swell and severe stiffness. Cannot walk, or stand no longer than 15 min. I am cannot get out and enjoy the summer weather by walking and need it to get around my home. I get depressed seeing others walking to fireworks or festivals etc.. which I am unable to do. I homebound and in bed 90% of the time, the pain is that severe. The winter is near and I will suffer more with the cold, rain and snow. Please help me.
081907 LoriAnn Hidalgo Philadelphia, PA
Stair Lift I am 41 and have diabetes. I found out 3 years ago that I had diabetes all my life. I have severe nerve damage (neuropathy) I fall down the steps or trip going up. I do not know how to get a stairway list getting only $400.00 on SSI. Someone please let me know if anyone has one. I live in Philadelphia, PA
080907 Burl Cunningham Molalla, OR 
Recliner I need to get a good strong lounge/recliner chair for my dad (Burl) he is diabetic and he has neurological damage in his feet and his legs are getting really bad, He needs to be able to put them up at all times.
080207 Dorothy Ekeigwe Bronx, NY
718-798 8229
Laptops I am the director of Dependable Daycare center, located at 3721 Olinville Ave, Bronx NY 10467. The agency is desperately looking for laptops for the children especially the after school kids. The daycare has a New York city license to do childcare business in New York. I will highly appreciate any donation from any agency or individual to help these kids who are in their early stage of their learning, These children are our future AND YOUR HELP IS HIGHLY NEEDED.
073007 Kacy Christopher Keene, NH 


Laptop Computer My young daughter was born with a rare birth defect amniotic band syndrome or ABS. Her fingers are maimed on both hands, she has walking and vision issues due to the ABS and needs a laptop computer to take to and from school, and for basic communication. I am a single parent( was married - just to the wrong person) I don't receive any child support, and have another child with Aspergers syndrome, I can't afford this item my daughter needs and I do not know where to obtain one that is decent and upgradeable if that becomes necessary. I would appreciate any help with this matter. Thank you in advance.
072907 Randi Berens Chandler, AZ 928-792-1234 Electric Scooter I am looking for the hover chair or electric scooter. I am 35 with three kids and advanced spinal deformities. My youngest children are 6 and 7 and would love for me to be able to enjoy the outdoors with them and keep up. My husband is a mechanic so even if it needs work or repair we are willing to do whatever is necessary. Even for an electric scooter. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated.
072507 Jerri Ann Rodgers Olive Hill, KY
Dentures I am a 43 yr old disabled single Mom. I have diabetes that has done great damage to my teeth. I have had several pulled, and am still in constant pain. It gets severe at times. My medicare will help with getting the teeth pulled, however they won't help me get the dentures. (They won't even help with glasses). I am in serious need of getting these teeth out of myu head, as they cause infections and that isn't good for a diabetic, and they really do cause misery and pain. If anyone can help in anyway or knows of a program that can help, I would greatly appreciate your contact. Thanks so much for reading my request.
072107 Donna Pearce Princeton, LA 318 949-0760 
Powerchair lift for auto I am 42 year old, and I have been a diabetic for 30 of these years. I put on permanent disability in 2001. It took 9 months to win my long-term disability and social security disability took another 11 months. In this time I had no income and had to file bankruptcy, so my credit is ruined. I have so many doctor bills and many have gone to collection. I am sorry to drag this on so long. Anyway two weeks ago my neurologist put me in the powerchair, the neurothopy had progressed so far and was so painful to walk. But the problem I have is that I can not afford to get a lift for my truck so that I can take my chair with to doctor appointment. I've applied to Easter Seals and have received no answer. If there is anyone who could help me, I would so greatly appreciate it. I truly feel that God led me to this site. Thank you.
071207 Lucy Julidus Kinabalu Sabah, East Malaysia Malaysia 
088 710881
Maclaren Major Buggy and Standing Prone Stander I have a 6 yr old daughter with Cerebral Palsy. I would be grateful if there's anyone who is kind enough to donate a Maclaren major buggy and a standing prone stander as I can't afford to purchase one as it is very costly and there are none available here locally. Please help as I love my daughter and I really want to help the best I could for her. I hope to hear from some 'good samaritan' out there. Thank you and God Bless. 
071007 Swindar Logue Saint Clair, MI   810-637-8274  Computer Financial Assistance Legally separated single mother of two seeking any financial help and a computer for my son for school.
062407 Mary Kelley Beaumont, TX 
Diabetic shoes I am on Disability Income, cannot work to supplement income. I am also a Diabetic so I need the special type shoes a diabetic wears but I can't afford to pay the hundred(s) of dollars that these shoes cost...Can ANYBODY out there please help me?
062007 Jennifer Talley Hoover, AL 
Full size bed Need of a full size bed for daughter with disability
061107 Lisa P Milwaukee, WI 


Laptop Hello:) I am hoping to find a generous laptop computer donation for my 5 year old daughter, Maria. She has a rare syndrome called Larsen's Syndrome. This syndrome causes bone/ joint laxities, dislocations, weakness and instability. Maria has had 10 surgeries in her short little life- 8 of which were life-threatening cervical spine fusions with three separate halos. Maria has fine motor delays (weakness in grasp, pinchers, writing) in her wrists, hands and fingers. Her Pediatrician feels a laptop would work best for her in school and at home, since writing will always be hard for her. Maria is very smart for her age and has tested at the 11 year old level in some areas. We want to offer her every opportunity to succeed, grow and be independent. I have searched and searched for a program or charity that could help us with this need, but have not yet been successful. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration:)
060807 James Dodson Durant, OK
Treadmill No additional information given
060307 Gloristine Bethel, NC  Playground Equipment We are looking for playground equipment for the children. We are opening a center called Ray of Hope, Inc. We will be working with at-risk children, drug related, and other program. The ages will be K-12. Please help to support this endeavor.
060107 Mary Ann Cook Salisbury NC
Electric Weelchair repair I have only one leg and I'm in an wheelchair. I have had surgery on my shoulders & both wrists so I'm unable to roll a chair, that's why I'm in an electric wheelchair. I had a lift put on and ever since then it has given me trouble. The person who put the lift on has been here more times than I can remember. With him I'm just throwing my money away & it's not cheep. The chair drives like a loose steering wheel in a car, very hard to control. I need someone who can fix it the first time & not charge me an exorbitant amount. Thank You. PS Need someone close by.
050507 Sheri Jones Atwood, IL 
Electric Wheelchair I am trying to locate an electric wheelchair for my mom. She has DJD in her knees and in her hips. She does not have the financial resources to purchase one new, and I don`t have the funds to help her.
032107 Doris Derr Grangewill, ID
Electric Wheelchair Otis Derr is in desperate need of an Electric Wheelchair. He has MS and needs it ASAP.
032007 Bruce Williams Many, LA
318 256-2889
Handicap Ramp I need a handicap ramp built for my son Bruce in a wheel chair right away. I don't have anyone to build it for him.  He is suppose to come home in about 2 weeks or less. I need it right away. I really really need help for my son, please help him. Will someone please come to his rescue?
032007 Descanel Mercado Reading PA 
Rifton Tricycle Needed rifton tricycle for a special needs kid with C.P. Old, new used it doesn't matter.
031307 Andre Curtis Copiague, NY 
Handicap Ramp I am a paraplegic and I can't get out of my house unless someone is home to get me out. I can't go to therapy or the doctor's on my own unless someone is home to take me down the portable ramp which isn't sturdy. I need help trying to find an organization in Long Island NY to help build me a ramp so that I could get my independence back.
022807 Steve Beck Staley, NC 
Special Needs Stroller Hi I'm looking for a special needs stroller for my son. They're so expensive. I need to buy a used one please call day or night.
022107 Lana Jones Waterloo,  Ontario Canada 
Large Convaid Stroller  I need to find a used Convaid stroller for my 11 year old. She is multiply involved, and needs a stroller for positioning and mobility. She would need a 16 or 18 inch size due to her height and tone. We have over $60, 000 of equipment I need to somehow get for her, and this stroller would be a Godsend for us. Please let me know if you, or someone you know, has a used Convaid stroller for sale. We would really appreciate it! Thanks, Lana
021707 Sylvia Welch Shepherdsville, KY
254 2354998
Lightweight Stroller My sister has a 6 year old son who has cerebral palsy and he is not able to walk on his own. On outings she still uses a regular baby stroller, he's getting taller and his feet begin to drag on the floor. I would like to help her find a lightweight stroller that would better accommodate him.
020807 Darlene Colorado Springs, CO 719-205-6325 
Laptop I'm looking for a laptop for school, so I will be able to do research on the Internet for school and homework. It would be for me and my child. I would really appreciate it.
013007 Drew Buys or Tim Camden Indianapolis IN 317-332-6967


Electric adjustable bed We have taken in an older friend. An elderly woman whose son killed himself a year ago. She is in poor health, arthritis, heavy-set. She is retired. We are looking for maybe a full size electric adjustable bed. She has a hard time getting in and out and spends quite a bit of time in bed. I would ask for a twin but because of her size I don't think it would be comfortable. I maybe able to pay a few hundred up to 200 if needed. Thank you.
013007 Pablo Rios Veguilla Troy NY 


Laptop No additional info given
012507 Jennie Silva New York City, NY 212-639-0607 Large Adaptive Stroller My daughter has brain tumor. Has been affected with some paralysis. We are in need of a convaid cruiser with a weight capacity up to 200lbs. Can't afford one. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House of NY. Medicaid will not approve. I will greatly appreciate any sort of help.
012507 Virginia Justice Stanford, KY 
Swivel Rocker Recliner and Lap top computer I am wanting to buy a swivel rocker recliner in good condition and inexpensive lap top. Send pics along with price to my email.
012407 Patricia Cooper Vermont 
Equestrian Protective Riding Gear I have a wonderful horse, but now with a - 2.2 bone density, I need protective gear. I have brittle bones due to celiac disease. Can you help me get back in the saddle again? Thanks!
012307 Ben Tipton Toney Alabama 
Wheelchair lift I have a van with a wheelchair lift but the lift is broken and I cant afford to have it fixed and because of that I am stranded at home. I just need some help getting it fixed.
121306 Kathleen Sanchez Cottonwood CA 
530 347-1218
Temperpedic or Royal Mattress 55 year old grandma with polio. In pain need Temperpedic or Royal a good mattress to sleep on. I have the bed frame. Live in Northern Calif. Shasta county God bless
121206 Cheryl Cayce Detroit MI 
313 837-7185
Full Size Bed I have a 19 yr old son who is disabled and he needs a full size bed SOON!!! He is living on the floor because he is 250 lbs!!! Please HELP This would be a nice Christmas gift.
120606 Rhonda Ciovacco  Red Bay, ALl 
256 356-2111
Manual Van Lift I've had a stroke and been shut in 2yrs. Really need to get out som
111106 Jerri Campbell Chester, South Carolina  803-385-8048 
Hospital Crib I need a hospital crib for my special grandchild - he will soon outgrow his regular crib and it is now becoming a safety issue for a larger, sturdier crib because of his size, but he has to have the confinement of a crib because he cannot see and does not walk yet but is pulling himself up to a stand.  
110606 Lucy Phoenix, AZ  Sleep Apnea machine In need of a sleep apnea oxygen machine
110606 Shirley Clark Lansing, KS  Power wheelchair repair. My husband needs his power wheelchair repaired. Medicare bought it for him, but it won't pay for it to be repaired. He has a really bad heart and has a defibrillator, so he is not able to control a regular wheelchair with his arms. He has diabetes which is progressing rapidly and has a lot of neuropathy in his feet and legs and cannot walk very well. It needs a new joy stick control and new batteries. I have contacted the company where it was purchased and it will cost about $300.00 for the new joy stick and another $300.00 for the batteries. We area limited income and just cannot afford to get these things. We are raising our two teenage granddaughters and they like to go places as a family, but he isn't able to go because of all of the walking involved. Thanks.
101706 DeAnna Lynn Augusta ,GA 706-394-8481
Comm Device, bike, rifton or ambucs, and stroller for special needs children Mother of 4. 3 of my children have a form of Autism. I have 2 with Aspergers, which is high functioning Autism.I am looking for items for my 11 yr old son Jacob. He has severe Autism, self abuse, seizures, non verbal, and is still in diapers. I am looking for a communication device, a stroller, he is 53'',an adaptive seat for a regular toilet. I am also looking for a bike, rifton or ambucs. Also learning toys for him. Mentally he is about 2. With having 3 kids with a disabilty, financially, it is impossible to supply all their needs. Please let me know if anyone has any of these items. Thank you, and may God richly bless you.
091506 Dinah Meade Somerset, KY Phone not given
Special Needs Stroller I have an autistic/PDD/MRR child who cannot go into public as she tries to push people and pull things over on top of her self. I am afraid that she is going to get hurt or will hurt someone. I need a stroller but cannot afford to buy one as I am a grandmother who is single raising 2 girls on a limited income. She will be 9 in Nov. but she is very strong. Just yesterday we were shopping and she pushed my cart over in the floor on it's side and then pulled some glasses off of a shelve and broke them. I need a cart badly, I have tried a halter to control her but she doesn't want to walk and gets mad when I try to make her. Thanks. Need stroller for mentally impaired 9 year old.
090606 Jayne bethel Quincy, MI Phone not given
Lift for a van Additional Information: I am a single mother and my mother became disabled and moved in with us. I have a van but need a wheelchair lift. to get her in and out i can't lift my mother because i have a bad back. can anybody help or let know where i can get some help thank you
081606 Liliann Delgado Clifton, AZ 928-687-2372  cell:928-651-2126
Special Needs Stroller I am in need of a stroller for my grandson who is 6 yrs. old. He has special needs and cannot be left to walk on his own when we take him shopping . He was born with a abnormal left temporal lobe and just recently has had a lobotomy to see if his seizures could be stopped. His disability has thrown him very far back into his learning. He cannot speak and isn't aware of danger, so he needs constant supervision. He loves movement like being pushed or pulled on a wagon for his input. Special needs strollers are so expensive and we just can't afford a new one. So please if there is a good used one you know of for sale please e-mail me at this address.
071806 Anna San Manual, AZ 520-385-4993 
Electric Scooter I am a 47 year old woman and have been struggling all my life with deformity of my right leg due to blouts disease and osteoarthritis and now its my right leg has given up on me. It's been several years and now I can not get around. I barely got around with the right leg. I donít go anywhere or if there is someone at the store that has gotten the scooter first I need to wait until they are done with it. I live about 50 miles from the stores. I have chronic pain 24 hours a day due to my knees and take two kinds of Morphine for my pain. It does not help the pain that much. No Doctor will touch my legs because they are so bad. I need an Electric scooter. My insurance won't pay for one because it is ACCCHS that I am getting. I get disability which is only 541 a month and I have 3 kids. If anybody can help, it would be so greatly appreciated. God Bless you, sincerely.
071806 Gary Rock Jefferson, OH 440-576-0924
Standing Wheelchair A wheelchair that stands up by pushing control. I need for deteriorating bone density in my legs and pressure relief. I am 5 foot five and weigh 190.
071606 Emma Lueallen Ocala, FL 352-425-5764  
Laptop computer and adjustable bed w/control settings I am in need of a laptop computer and an adjustable bed with control settings. I have several illnesses, one is sleep apnea. I find myself wearing my c-pac but I have to sit up all night trying to sleep. I also have fibromyalgia, herniated disc and bulging, chronic pain, osteo-arthritis, bilateral carpal tunnel, acid reflux gerd, peripheral neuropathy, interstitial cystitial and more. If there's help out there, please help. Thank you for taking the time to listen.
070706 Jenny Savage Pell City, AL 205-814-0812
Alpha-Smart Notebook or Laptop I am a mother of 4 children with my husband on disability. My 11 year old son has autism and is in need of an Alpha-Smart notebook or laptop computer. He needs this to help him with his school work. With my husband being on disability, we are able to pay our bills, but nothing extra for things he needs like this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless.
062606 Paul Biggs Springfield, MO  Manual Wheelchair I am a 43 year old male who is on disability and lives on a limited income. I am studying to become a pastor but there is only one thing that prevents from this. I have Lupus and I am in need of an adult size manual wheelchair (one that will hold a person who is 5'4" and weighs 251lbs.) That would  be a blessing for me and I can move forward with my calling of becoming a pastor. Any donation or help would be very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help a person in need. 
062506 Tammy D New Richmond,OH  Electric Wheelchair or motor repair on old chair. I am looking for a electric wheelchair for my son Mike. Mike is 26yrs old and has CP. The state will not pay to replace the motor and Mike is not eligible for a new chair. The chair is only 2 yrs old and we have had it in the shop 7 times, Mike is basically home bound without a chair. He is active in his church and does work through a state program. Without his chair he is not able to do either, I am disabled as well and therefore we are on a fixed income. I have no way of getting a new chair for my son. If anybody has a chair that they have no use for we could sure use it. Mike would be very grateful. You can contact me through my friends e-mail. If you can help please contact her and she will pass on additional information.
062006 Name not given Rockport TX 361-729-1456
Ramp for home and installation I'm a disabled mother of two. I receive $553 a month as income plus food stamps. I'm getting a power wheelchair, but I don't have a wheelchair ramp.  I can't afford one. I only get Medicaid.  Do you know anyone who can help me for free or for very low pay to build one?  Forgive me if I bothered you.  Thank you.
061806 Janet Franklin Campbellsville, KY 270-469-4958
Wheelchair ramp for van and home. I have been disabled since '93 and these last couple of years, my legs have gotten worse and now I have to have surgery on my knees. It is all I can do to walk. Medicare did help me get an electric wheelchair but when my husband died in October, it left me with just my disability and part of his social security.  I'm in real need for a wheelchair ramp but I can't afford to have one built. I moved to Kentucky from Indiana to be near my sister and have help when I need it, but sometimes I would just love to be able to get outside and go around the town or just go to the store or whatever, but I can't cause I have no way of getting my chair outside. It's a big electric wheelchair. If someone could help or knows where I can get some help I would really appreciate it. I also have a van which I can't drive right now. The doctor's won't let me because of my legs. But my sister can drive it and I would like to be able to get the chair in the van as well in case we go some place where I would have to do a lot of walking. Thank you and God bless.
061806 Edith Carter Abingdon, MD 410-697-6422
Installed Ramp for home I need a wooden ramp and installation for my home. My son C.J. is 9 years old and has Spina Bifida.
060806 Timothy Lillie Phoenix, AZ 602-621-3886
Forearm Crutches that fit 6' tall man I am having surgery on my foot on June 16. I purchased new, never used
forearm crutches that are too small. I would like to trade them for ones to
fit a man 6 feet tall. If anyone in the Phoenix area can help in the next 6
days, I would be grateful. Thank you.
042406 Caroline Marcin Menominee, MI 906-863-1129
Glasses I need help to purchase glasses I broke mine 3 months ago and can't afford new ones. I had cataract surgery on both eyes a few years back new medications and several health issues.
041806 Michael Norris Dawson Springs, KY 270-797-9131 Playground Equipment and carpeting Church Of God's Blessings Contact  at Our Church, the Church of God's Blessings, is need of Playground Equipment Donations! Also we're moving and we also need Carpeting for our Sanctuary. Thank You. God Bless You.
041206 Flora Devis Austin Texas Laptop I am interested a laptop and accessories. My husband request for it. Currently he is out of the states. He also said I should inquire for imaging products like; copier drums and inkjets cartridges. Please let me know if you will be able to get these email me with the price and availability asap.
I hope you do ship International because it will be shipped to him over there. Please let me know immediately. Thanks.
040606 Robyn Adams Phoenix, AZ 623 225-1770
Breathing Machine I need a breathing machine for my asthma I can't afford one right now but I need one (my asthma gets real bad around this time of year).
040406 Pam More Handen, CT
Stair lift I need a stair lift because I live on the second floor.  I can not walk but 20ft. I need help.
040106 Elizabeth Aubrey Salisbury,N.C. 704 212 7363
Handicap Ramp
I need a handicap ramp I have had 9 back surgeries plus left hip fracture then my left knee was fractured. It is not safe for me to walk cause my bones are so brittle. I am also hard of hearing and it makes it hard to hear some people on the phone. I am totally deaf in my left ear and lost a lot in my right. I have a motorized chair but no ramp to use it outside when I need to go to the Drs or whatever I need to do.
033006 Doretta Corrie Watseka, IL
Wheel Chair Lift
I have a manual wheel chair lift that needs repairs.  It is almost impossible for me to crank up the lift.
032306 T. Hall Albany, Ga
Van w/lift I am looking for anyone who may can help me, I'm a single mother of a 14 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is totally dependant on others for his care. I don't have any type of equipment needed for him such as special seating for the bath, and I also need something to help me lift him, he's getting very heavy. He is in need of anything that may help him, he needs a special bed with rails all on the side so he wont fall off so I can have a solid nights sleep. The only thing he has is a wheelchair but I have no way of transporting it and its getting very hard to try and lift him into the car, and carry him into his Dr.'s appt. I don't know what to do about all this or where to turn. This is starting to worry me a lot as he gets older and so do I. I have no where to turn on this and I've written several organizations.. Please help respond or tell me where I can look for help. Thanks.
030106 Colette Jackson Ellicott City, MD (410) 750-3441
Convaid Cruiser Stroller Description of item needed:  A mid-size convaid cruiser stroller. I have an old stroller that was purchased when my little one was 2 years old that she has outgrown.  She is now 9 years old and desperately needs a bigger one.
022706 Jessica Lane Dungannon, VA (276) 467-2624
Bruno Seat for Van My name is Jessica Lane I am writing on behalf of me little brother James "Jimmy" Lane Jr. My little brother is 16 years old he has Cerbral Palsy, Down Syndrome, curvature of the spine, a tumor in the back of his neck, and Celiac Sprue disease.  He is in need of a Bruno seat for the van we have because mom and dad can't lift him good anymore because the have major health problems that make it hard for them to do.  We need this seat to help when we take him to the doctor.  We would really appreciate any help.
022406 Liz Ortegren San Antonio, TX (210)-651-7486
Tumbleform Chair and other equipment
We are looking for a tumble form chair or other stuff for our 3 year old child with lots of disabilities. All we have is a bath chair so anything is welcome. We canít afford a lot we are a one family income due to so many dr. visits and frequent trips to the ER. All is welcome our child is 3 yrs. old and is about 36 lb.
021706 Dawn Williams  Charlotte TN, AFO's and small walker
We are in need of Small AFO's for 18 month old little girl and a small walker
021406 William Conners Tinley Park, IL 815-806-8803
Hov-a-round Electric Wheelchair
I am looking for a used hov-a-round electric wheelchair for my disabled son. He is 17 yrs. old and has Cerebral Palsy.
112805 Pamela Mozee Grandview, MO Hoyer Lift Hoyer lift that moves to his bedroom to bathroom
102705 Jodell Worneh Ankeny Iowa
Baby Stuff
I have a 9 year old daughter and I am pregnant due in march. I can really use a crib for my newborn, baby swing, changing table anything a baby would need I no longer have these items because of the age difference and I am on welfare that is my only income this would be the best Xmas if someone out there could help us. I am out of options I will try and return to work after the baby is born if my doctor OK's it, but for now we are in desperate need. If you can help please call.
102605 Alejandro Moreno Glendale, AZ
I am a Baptist missionary to Hispanic speakers. Would be a great blessing to get a laptop, we can use a lot. God bless you.
102105 Holly R Las Vegas, NV Mobility Walker Hi everyone! I am writing on behalf of my stepdaughter, Candace. She is 13 yrs old and has CP and Angelman Syndrome. She is profoundly mentally retarded, she is unable to walk. I am looking for a Mobility walker. It is basically a hoist to position her on a treadmill to help her learn to bear weight and walk with assistance. Under her mother's care she was not given the proper training and education so her legs have started to atrophy and we would like to correct that before it is too late. Any other info about Angelman services and training would be great!
091005 Janie or Norma Alice, TX
Wheelchair My step dad is in need of a wheelchair. He has diabetes.  He is having his toe cut off he and will be going through surgery next week on his legs cause he has bad circulation on both legs. That's why his foot is not healing. He has insurance but it does not cover a wheelchair so I'm asking help for my mom so she won't see her husband suffer in not getting around. I'm willing to help pay something for the wheelchair. Just please find him one soon so he can get around. He needs a big wheelchair not a small he is a good size man. Thank you.
082905 Elizabeth Wesley Springtown, TX 817-220-1180
Wheelchair Lift
I have a neighbor boy who's 14yrs old, has had Multiple Sclerosis (ms) since birth. His mom needs a wheelchair lift donation and installed in her van. This boy has had a brother die from the same and a cousin. Needs to be able to participate in activities, church and medical appointments. Boy is on Medicaid. Mother is single mom of two children. This boy and an eight yr old sister. Financially unable to pay for lift. Please help.
082305 Vonell Lassiter Henryetta, OK 918-652-7820
Laptop Hello - I am a member of the Abundant Life  IPHC church in Henryetta Okla. The Lord has blessed us with a new chuch." And we thank him for that" But we are needing to up date to todays date so we are asking for help in that area, We need to get a laptop computer and the projector and all the stuff we need to do power point in our church. any help would be nice. God got this new building for us and we are believing God will fill our needs to better his home. Thanks so much,
081905 Jillian Wright Parma, OH (216) 241-7333, Ext. 3030
I am a full-time working mother of 2 small children.  I will be starting school in October and am in need of a laptop that is newer and in excellent/good condition.  I will be taking homework with me to various places and with small children, a laptop would be helpful in storing and using at the kitchen table for easy access or loaded into the car with me as I go to work or the library.  It would be a blessing to me and a tremendous help since we are unable to purchase one on our own.  I prayed and believe God will supply.  Thank you for your help.  Much appreciation.
071205 Jennifer Burbank Merrimack, NH 603-424-5771
Any therapy equipment for Autistic child
I am a young mom of an Autistic 2 year old, and I am looking for any therapy items or toys that could be used for his ongoing therapy.  I work nights to be home with him during the day, and we are struggling to pay for all of the therapy he needs, so I am learning how to do it on my own, and finding out quickly that the the items I need are very expensive.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much
060105 Jessielee Robinson Freeport, FL Wheelchair lift Requesting a wheelchair lift for handicapped van.
060105 Brenda Gallogly Fredericktown, OH 740-694-2468 Pajamas, Bib Overalls, and Communication Device
I have a son who has CP and was born with Hydrocepholus.  We would like to purchase a communication device for him to use.  He understands commands and directions but cannot communicate verbally.  We also need size 7 or 8 zipped sleeper pajamas and bib overalls (he does not walk but crawls so cannot wear regular pants since they will fall off when he moves) in size 7 or 8. God bless and thank you.
052805 James Hanna Hayward, CA
510 315-2442
P3 or better laptop I am 19yr + diabetic in need of a P3 or better Laptop to continued public training of prevention of Type 1 complications, by Informing them to Insulin pump therapy. Additional Information: I have been a Insulin dependent diabetic for the last 19+ years. I provide the local community with my consultant services free of charge to any person(s) who have interest in learning related information on Diabetes, type1(insulin dependent). insulin pump therapy, and its daily trouble shooting woes. I have did the community service free of charge to everyone that in need of my services, information, networking in internet diabetes medical resources. I would be greatly indebted to anyone or entity that could donate a internet/ Lan ready Microsoft/Intel laptop or notebook computer of a P3 or better quality with reasonable resources installed. I would be able to provide a more mobile community workstation that I could use to help/develop a broader availability to other Diabetic in this and any community that I happen to be within my Daily Northern California travel and endeavors. I would promise to use this donation for the betterment of all People Diabetic or not in our great country. Thank You Sincerely devoted in helping others with Diabetes. Thank you in advance for any assistance toward filling my desired request!!
052005 April Ellis Daytona Beach, FL. 386-226-3246
High rise toilet seat and lift chair
This is very hard for me to ask.  I started taking care of my mother who is only 59 this Aug.  She is dieing of Cerebellum Atrophy.  She had been in the care of my youngest sister who badly neglected her.  She spent 7 months without doctor appointments, meds and could not see do to her glasses being broke.  My sister threw out some of her things she needs on a daily basis.  My mother also had surgery on her hip, twice.  I am in the need of  a high-rise toilet seat with the arms, and she is bad need of a lift chair.  Medicare only pays for the mechanism and nothing else.  With my mother being on a small SSI check, she is not able to pay for the remaining 500.00.  I can't afford this as I have two daughters myself and one has epilepsy.  My husband and I have our own bills to pay as well.  I do what I can for mom, but this is more than even I can afford.  This is the two things I can not seem to afford.  My mother has been to the doctor, new glasses and all meds and she gets fed three meals a day, plus snacks.  She came from one meal a day and very sick looking to getting better.  If anyone can help I would appreciate this very much. 
050905 Julia Hamilton Stuarts Draft, VA
Adjustable Bed
I am in very bad need of an adjustable bed.  My husband is also.  
We want to sleep in the same bed, and Medicare will not supply a double 
bed. I am just unable to explain how I feel.  I was once a social worker 
and now in need and can find no one to help me.  Because of a doctor's 
mistake, I lost 2/3 of my right lung, and 1/3 of my left lung.  My husband 
inherited a disease and his body makes too much cholesterol, so his arteries 
are damaged beyond repair.  He gets what he can from Veterans hospital 
and just does without the rest, he cannot afford in medication.  My medical 
needs out of pocket are $28,000 a year out of pocket, plus Medicare.  
We do not qualify for any assistance even though our federal adjusted 
income is $7,700 for two people. They will only look at our gross income 
and say we earn too much.  We have charged over $27,000 for medication 
and will until our credit is bad.  We have perfect credit, but with so much 
medication for me to survive, I feel guilty for the stress it must put on my 
husband.  We were told about a year ago that we need to sleep in an 
adjustable bed, and never on a flat bed.  We are still sleeping on a flat bed, 
for we do not have the money for an adjustable double bed.  We need a 
walk in shower, and the floor in our bathroom is sinking in one place, we 
pray it doesn't cave in.  I was saved by a miracle, after six months in medical 
intensive care at the University of Virginia.  My doctors and family decided, 
no more surgery for the last tear in my lungs split down the middle.  As I lay 
there God sewed my lungs up.  I was told two months ago to stay in a 
wheelchair.  I cannot do that for we need to have food cooked and try 
cleaning, as best as we can.  Always in God's hands and praying for rescue. 
Waiting for God's child to help me financially. 
050905 Daniel Rzonca Not Indicated 602 944-3608
Manual 18" wheelchair I have primary progressive MS.  The national MS society will not even help us out.  I am in need of a manual 18 inch wheelchair.  My wife and son and I will be going to San Diego for a three day vacation.  I'm using an electric custom-designed wheelchair right now.  Using my mouth and chin control.  I use the computer with Dragon speech recognition software.  I will need the wheelchair for approximately 10 days.  It has to be hospitals style or folding.  You can even call me 602-944-3608.  My wife's name is Anne.  Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless. Daniel
032505 Maya Bennett Valdosta, GA
Special Needs Stroller
Looking for a special stroller for my 2 1/2 years old daughter Chloe. She was born with Holoprosencephaly (HPE). She can not support herself at all and she out grew her regular stroller we bought for her.  She is not comfortable with her stroller since she is getting tall.  Her feet touch the front wheel of stroller and sometimes touch the ground. She got a feeding chair in 2003 through Medicaid and they are not able to help us to get new equipment yet. I can not afford to buy her special stroller from catalogs for special need children I have been reading. If any one can help me, please contact me by phone or email.  Thank you.
030305 Sharon Kagan Harrison, Ohio
Bath shower seat and prone stander Wanted: bath/shower seat with supports, seatbelts, footrests etc, for 15 year old son with severe cerebral palsy. Not a  "transfer seat". Also, a prone stander or standing device. He is about 5 feet tall, 80-85 lbs. If you have used one for sale, please contact.
030205 Chevvon Pineyro Torrance, CA
310 365-0978
Video projector I am a church volunteer. We need a video projector for services, special presentations, and retreats. The cost of renting puts a squeeze on our budget, and we can't afford to buy one right now. Your donation may be tax-deductible.
030105 Edward Hines Lancaster, TX 972 227-2516
Lift for van and hot tub
I am in need of a lift for my van to put my electric wheel chair  into the van. Also, my Van is not in very good shape but at least it still runs. Not so sure how long it will last.  I also could benefit from hydrotherapy because of my neuropathy and spina bifida acculta.  I could use some type of hot tub that has jets to circulate hot water for therapy.  I am permanently disabled since 1996.  I had ulcerative colitis and lost my large and part of my small intestine.  I developed neuropathy began having problems walking only to find out the problem was spina bifida acculta which usually doesn't bother people until later in life.  Someone gave me a hot tub several years ago but the control box will not work and I think it's water lines might need repairs. I never got to use it. Please help me,  Sincerely Edward Hines.
0223045 Peter Kelly MSW Phoenix, AZ
602 546-1024
Pediatric wheelchairs and pediatric front wheel walkers. I need pediatric size (only) wheel chairs, and pediatric front wheel walkers, for families that have no insurance or ability to pay for equipment.  Thanks!
020405 Julia Hamilton Stuart Draft, VA 540-337-3970 Electrical Re-wiring of home and Van
I am a disabled social worker, and married to a disabled technician.  I was the victim of malpractice and have lots and lots of diagnosis, including the loss of 1/3 of my left lung, 2/3 of my right lung.  My husband has an incurable disease which causes his body to produce way too much cholesterol.  We did o.k. until the company my husband worked for GENICON went bankrupt.  They took away our health, eye, dental, prescription card, and $100,000. life insurance.  We are not healthy enough to meet insurance company requirements for clients.  We have around $37,000 in income.  I alone use over $28,000 each year just for medication and trips to the UVa hospital.  We just dropped my husband's Medicare supplement, and we each gave up our highest costing medication.  We have perfect credit, and continue to pile credit bills up, now, past $25,000. We both are to sleep in adjustable beds, and we cannot afford a double one and Medicare will not pay up to what it would cost for two hospital beds, and let us pay the rest for a bed we can both sleep in. So, we do not sleep in an adjustable bed.  I cannot do housework or afford help.  After, Genicon went bankrupt I decided to sue.  I was told I should easily get over $6 million dollars.  The statue of limitations has ran out.  I would love to sue Va. for giving prisoners all they need and much for recreation, for I have never committed a crime, and I do not get my needs met.  We need a remodeled bath room, so I can walk in a shower.  We need our house rewired for the machines I need over load the system we have and we need 220.  My doctors told me two weeks ago, I must be in a wheel chair, for my blood oxygen is way too low.  We have no room in our home for a wheel chair, and even worse, we have no van to take it anywhere.  This is not a need, but a wish.  I wish to travel to see my deceased brother's son get married in Ill. this coming Spring.  I wish to go to see our grandchild in N.C.  I am depressed, for I have raised thousands for others when I was not disabled and two years after.  I am surprised now that I need so much help, that I can find no one to help.  I realize we are all adjusting to a new America with less money to meet our need, or to donate.  If you can help, thank you. 
020305 Al Arlington, TX
Computer I know it's not going to sound like a big deal, but I'm on disability and my computer went out. I found out I need a mother board for a compaq presario 5000. I can't find one that I can afford being on disability. There is not a lot left to play with after bills and it was my only form of enjoyment and contact with friends and family. I'll pay just can't afford a lot. I'm sure I can even figure out how to install it myself.
010305 June Milne East Hartford, CT
my answering machine pick up due to my disability. Please give me time to answer after you identify yourself.
Electric Bed, laptop, book cases
I am permanently disabled with advanced degenerative disc disease (5 surgeries so far) and other serious back disorders. I also have brittle diabetes and mental health problems. I need the following desperately!!! ( I am sleeping on my couch now)
1) A Fully Electric twin size Hospital bed. (free)
2) A laptop computer in good / excellent condition. (free) I would also be very interested in some book cases. I live on less than 800 a month and that doesn't even cover my basic monthly expenses. Thank you so very much for adding my needs to your list.
122004 Luana Moyer Herndon, PA 570 758-4730
Switch toys, learning toys, toys for the deaf and blind. I'm a mother of two and have very low means of income. I can't afford the special toys needed for my disabled little girl. She is deaf and blind.  Also, things like switch toys and other learning toys. If anyone out there can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
120604 Catrina Gist Chicago, IL
312 842-3947
Barbie Sheet, girls size 6 clothes, and an Xbox. I am a Mother of two children Dejah and Shannon. This Christmas my children will be sad . I don't work and the little income that ,I get couldn't buy a dog anything. I just wish that someone would help make my Christmas a good one for my two children. Dejah want a Barbie sheet set for her bed and and some clothes she wear a 6. Shannon wants an Xbox . Most of all I just want to see my kids happy on Christmas day. Thank you and God bless. 
120604 Jamie Pugh, Youth Minister Birmingham, AL 748 Cedar Crest Lane Birmingham, Al 35214 1-205-798-6153 1-205-910-6520


Laptop Computer I am a youth minister and I am looking for a good laptop computer with 256 or 512 on memory and 500mghz or more on the speed with CD ROM/DVD drive to use for my youth classes,  retreat's for Sunday school, discipleship, to show video's etc.  No docking station. I have registered with a company in Birmingham for lessons for my youth group at church. Thank you.
120604 Stacy Treadway Covington, TN
Christmas Presents Hi my name is Stacy Treadway. I am in needed for Christmas this year. I am a single parent with 3 kids . I have my own house but I'm not doing too good. i had too file wage earner. I really don't have enough money to pay some of my bill. Thank you.
102104 Vakiva Rhodes Bossier City, LA 318-549-2783
Christmas toys, clothes.
Well 1st of all I hate to ask but I am A single mother of 4 I am not employed right now I am putting in 20 applications A day well I have 4 children 3 girls 1 son The children needs Christmas toys they are not choosey we would appreciate anything and everything that anyone would have to give us my oldest daughter is 14 She wears A 10 in junior misses in pants and A 14 in shirts My son wear A 16 regular and A 16 in shirts my other daughter wear A 12 slim in pants and A 14 in shirts my baby daughter wear A 12 slim in pant's also and A 14 in shirts as well they also needs coats for schools I need 2medium size coats and two large coats but they all need to be navy blue so that they can wear them for school they also need shoes  my oldest daughter wear A 9 in shoes my son wear A 7 in shoes and my other daughter wear A 6 in shoes and the baby girl wear A 5 like I say we would appreciate anything that anyone could  do. Thank you all.
102004 Sue Hoffman NOT INDICATED 914-632-1180
Scooter or Wheelchair
I am a social worker helping a woman who could use either a scooter or a wheel chair. She has end stage renal disease and is too young to qualify for medicare,  Dominican Sisters 914-632-1180
101904 Ladesha Morton Washington DC 202-397-4922 Wheelchair Van My name is Ladesha Morton. I have a 7 year old son with special needs. he is in a wheelchair and has a feeding tube. he is unable to walk and needs help with everyday assistance. he is a special little boy. My need is that we need a stable wheelchair accessible vehicle so that he can get around in. he gets sick alot at school and when he does, I have to pick him up. I don't have transportation. he does get transportation to medical appointments but we sometimes have to wait a long time for pickup. on some days transportation never show up. I want my son to be able to participate in other activities outside of the home but that is difficult without stable transportation. I cant get on the bus due to over crowdedness and rude behavior. I really need this because I also have too other small kids as well. if you could help it would be gratefully appreciated.  
101804 Daya Leemhuis Phoenix, AZ 602-254-3994
Wheelchair Van ALS patient needs a wheelchair van 60" in height or higher.  Must be operational.  Help is needed.  Only the use of one arm but still teaching people and need help with that.  Any help.  
101104 Tonya Mahoney Oak Grove, KY Reliable Transportation I recently had to leave an abusive relationship and move in with my parents. I have three children. I was forced to leave everything we had behind. We are now on welfare and my parents are supporting us. I feel so useless and truly want to either find work or even better, go back to school. Our greatest need is reliable transportation so that I can seek and maintain employment. If there's anyone out there able to help, I would be forever grateful.
101104 Carol Lambert Indianapolis, IN 317-856-7736
Computer or Gameboy
i am o mother on disability that has two children both ADHD.  the needs we have  quiet honestly are too many to list.  but foremost my kids need a computer they can learn on. or even a used gameboy. I have 5 children total.  any food help for thanksgiving and Christmas would be a blessing.  children's ages 10,11,14,16&18.
God bless,
101104 LaRenda Helton Hickory, NC 828-327-3905
Lift Chair I am writing for my father.  He is 85 years old and lives in an assisted living facility.  He is a U.S. Veteran who fought in WW-2.  He has health problems and several months ago broke a bone.  His problem is getting up and down.  Right now he lies on his bed most of the day because it is so hard for him to get up and down.  He needs a lift chair.  We tried Medicare and Veteranís assistance but no luck.  I would purchase one for him, but I am suffering from financial problems myself..  He has always been very active and it breaks my heart to see him have to lye most of the time.  He actually could use a twin lift bed also, but his biggest need is for a lift chair.  Any help would be very much appreciated.
101004 Indiana Table and folding chairs I have started a New Veterans Group and am in need of some table, and folding chairs for members to sit on. I have tried Veterans sources but have not gotten any assistance. Also am searching for a POW flag and an American flag to use at our meetings. They do not have to be new if you have any that you feel I could use, please eamil me. Thank you and God bless.
101004 Jude Mondragon Safford, Arizona 928-428-1694
Handicapp Van 18 year old brother broke his neck in diving accident 050204. He is paralyzed from the chest down.
101004 Lin Blackstone, Mass. Geri Chair Trying my best to care for wonderful bedridden parents. Mom had massive stroke and a geri chair is being sought for her. Any leads sincerely appreciated.
100804 Norma Richardson Bellefontaine, OH 937-592-1541
Chair Lift for mini van Nephew is special needs child, his mother works full time, also going to school to get her BA so she can get a better job to care for him as she is a single mom. She needs a chair lift for her mini van so she can get him back and forth to school easier as he does not walk. He is 10 years old and getting heavy to get in the car with his special wheel chair.
I think the lift is around 5000. Would appreciate any help I can get for him or a place to have it done where it does not cost that much.
100304 Alfredo Rainone Arlington, TX Vehicle or Repair I'm on disability. My only car broke down and the motor locked. I get 575 a month to live and it's going to take 1500 to fix. That's impossible for me to save. If anywhere someone or some place could help me raise this money or help me get some kind of dependable care it would be a miracle. I have no way to go to doctors, stores for food, and don't know what I'm going to do.
092804 Tabitha Fitzgerald Waynesboro, VA Wheelchair Van I am listing this need for a child I know who has Cerebral Palsy. He is unable to walk or do anything for himself. His family has no way to transport him to go anywhere so he just stays home unless his school bus takes him to school. He is in much need of a wheelchair accessible van. If anyone can help, please contact me
092504 Lisa Richards Winnsboro, TX (903)629-3144
Playground Equipment We are a private community on a 92 acre lake with lots of kids and no park. The association has donated the kids a lot to build a park in which they are in the process and are searching for playground equipment (used). They do not have funds and wishing for donations. If anyone could help these kids, they'd be tickled pink.
092204 Gail Flores Anaheim, CA Computer I am in need of a computer. I have 3 children all with the need to use a computer for their school. If anyone has one to spare or knows of a program for a need as this, please email and let me know.
091404 Eryn Berkebill Mesa, AZ (480) 354-4197
Scooter I need a scooter for my mother, her hip bone is deteriorating. It is so bad she is in constant pain and can barely walk anymore, but she has to wait until March of next year before she gets her hip replacement surgery done. I would be forever grateful if anyone can help me out with this.
090504 Jill Keeley Midland, MI (989) 633-9976
Lift for Van I need a lift put in our mini van for an amigo, or some type of carrier.
082204 Alice Perry Covington, TN
(901) 476-5915
Handicapped Mini-Van My husband Robert, stroke patient and amputee, needs a handicapped mini van. He just got a motorized wheelchair from medicare. I need the van to be able to take him out and to the doctor's and back.  Thanks
081604 Rose Hudson Silsbee, TX
(409) 385-0371
Computer Just any old computer will do. Just to help me learn the basics, to better my education. I am legally blind by the state of Texas.
081004 Sam Challenger 2 Reuben Drive
Poole Dorset
DH15 4RA
(01202) 680545
Funds to Fix Wheelchair I have been spinally injured just over 8 yrs. I was assessed for a bog standard NHS HEAVY wheelchair back in Nov 98. Since then my needs have changed and I had some fund raising done for me to acquire my current wheelchair. The frame was twisted on holiday away nearly 6 weeks ago causing me great difficulty pushing straight. I have approached wheelchair services and they have outlined they haven't the money to supply me with a new one as money is frozen? I wonder if you wouldn't mind dropping me a line with all the contact details of funds which I can apply to that would possibly be of use to me? I' be most grateful if someone could get back to me.
Ruth Harrigan Princeton, NJ
(609) 683-4975
Twin Electric Hospital Bed Due to a spinal injury, I have difficulty getting in and out of bed and need a twin sized electric hospital bed. Please contact me if you can help.  Thanks.
073104 Susan Did Not Provide Info Monitor Need monitor for mother diagnosed with ALS and is totally disabled, so that she can notify someone in the house if she has an emergency or need.
072804 Mark Baxter Bush, LA
(985) 867-9928
Van About a week ago I found out that the water pump had a knocking in the engine in which Tony's Auto repair will be able to fix my van. Month after month, I have been spending between $250-$350 on repairs. Last month I had to take it to Constantin Transit Vehicles in Baton Rouge because the lock down system broke and air ride system broke. The AC has been broken for over 2 years in which it will take at least $1200 to fix. The van is 9 yrs old and has 140,000 miles on it. Constantin told me that the only solution to this problem is to purchase a new van ($48000., $30000 for the van and 18000 for modification). Voc Rehab is not willing to pay for modified equip on new van for 2 reasons. I'm not employed and equipment already purchased for 1st van. Only solution is to get new van with equipment so I can be independent.
072804 Melody Garland Boise, ID
(208) 322-7903
Special Needs stroller Desperately need special needs stroller for 70lb 5 year old girl.  If you have a used one you don't need any more, please contact me.
072404 Lisa Foster Ogden, UT
Large 3-wheeled bicycle My son is 11, diagnosed with Autism, Bipolar, OCD, Anxiety. We are waiting for test results for Prader-Willi Syndrome. He is non-verbal and very low functioning. He is big for his age, and doesn't enjoy many activities. I worry about him not getting enough exercise. The only thing he enjoys is riding the large three-wheeled bike once a week at his school. I would love to get him one of his own, that he could ride in the summer with his brothers, and maybe get more exercise. I think this would help him not be so bored so his aggression and tantrums would stop. Thanks.
070104 Leonard Persaud Brooklyn, NY
Gait Trainer Looking for equipment called the Gait Trainer
070104 Heather Badgett Modesto, CA Wheelchair lift  My 11 year old daughter is getting an electric wheelchair and we need to get a wheelchair lift for our car so we can transport the wheelchair.
070104 Joanne Womack Boyton Beach, FL (561)-733-5268 Van I am an incomplete Quadriplegic.  I have been wheelchair bound for almost 20 years. I was shot 6 times by my husband and left for dead but I thank the Lord for sparing my life. I want very much to continue to help women in distress but my 16 year old van is no longer road worthy. I find it difficult to ask for help when I read all the needs of so many hurting people (I was a nurse before my injury) yet, maybe I came upon this web site because the Lord wanted me to.  Well, my need is a van, any help would be a blessing.
060904 Kerry Lowis Mesa, AZ 480-325-0832
Wheelchair accessible van. I have a family of six. We have a special needs child who is 4 yrs old. He is diagnosed with a neurological disease called Lissencephaly. He is doing well at this time. However, he cannot walk, crawl, speak, or do without seizure medications, muscle rexalers, other medications for constipation and breathing. He weighs almost 30 lbs and is getting to be longer. Because of his high muscle tone and size, it makes it very difficult to get him in and out of a car seat. We have a wheel chair for him that provides the support he needs but no wheel chair accessible van. If anyone can help up out with this need, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks. 
060804 Linda Williams - Grandmother

D'etra Frazier - Mother
Eau Gallie, FL 321-254-7963
Lift Our 4year old daughter and granddaughter was born with the muscle disease called Arthogryposis. All joints are frozen. She just received a motorized pediatric wheelchair. We need a lift for it in order for her to go to school, church etc. She is unable to use her hands and legs. She is learning to operate the chair remote under her neck. Thanks in advance for your help. 
052504 Mickey Knight Palestine, TX (903) 723-0151
Camping Trailer I am disabled and trying to get Social Security. At the present I am homeless staying with friends, (using their computer) trying to find a small used camping trailer. I don't have any money, all I need is something to stay in. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thank you
052504 Elba Mendez Middletown, NY (845) 343-8100 X391
OT Equipment I am looking for used occupational therapy equipment such as a weighted vest for a petite 4 year old girl. Also a balance ball, a swing that has the following a therapy net and a height adjustment system, a tote around turtle or a tote around hound, a core disk.
052504 Shawn Norman Marion, IL (618) 993-1566 or 
(618) 922-2610
Laptop Computer I am a 44 yr. old man. I have Chrons Disease. I need a good laptop computer to work away from home so I can visit my family and work there . I want to be able to get off of disability and work from my home computer and make a better living than I can on what disability pays. Thank you very much and God bless. Also if you know where I can get one free somewhere else. Thank you.
052504 Colleen R Galloway, NJ (609) 404-3339
Vehicle and any assistance possible. Single mom in need of working car to get back and forth to doctor appointments for my disabled mom who lives with me and my son who has MS. I just lost my job and about to lose my home please email me.  Help needed as fast as you can give it. Any donation will help. Thank you.
050604 New Generaiton Church, Inc
Pastor W.E Tompkins
Bellmead, TX
Playground Equipment Our church is in need of playground equipment for our youths and summer camp kids. We're praying that someone maybe able to bless our kids with the need of a  playground and as well a place for our neighborhoods kids to place to keep them out of the streets this summer. Last year so many of our young kids are ending up in the wrong place because we don't have enough resources for them and parents cannot afford childcare services. So we want to open our church and ground for them and also be able to provide them with Christian teaching as well.  In His Will
050104 Kim Mayhan Columbus, OH 614-263-1554
Laptop I am looking for a donated laptop for my disabled son. he has Tourettes syndrome, ADHD, Bi-Polar and OCD. He doesn't have any friends because they are "afraid" of him due to the Tourettes syndrome. If anyone could help I would be so grateful. I'll pay for shipping. thanks so much.  : )
042204 C. Peters Peoria, AZ 623-979-8993
Electric Wheelchair I have 31 year old daughter with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, an extremely painful, debilitating condition. The RSD has affected her balance and mobility to the point that she needs a wheelchair but is unable to push a manual one and her insurance will not pay for an electric one. I am willing to purchase a used one for a reasonable price. Thank you .
040304 M. Bubb Denton, NC 336-859-2825
Car I have a sister on disability who is in need of a car.  It can be an older one, and we can help her keep it running.  She has many medical appointments, and a vehicle would be of great benefit for her. Thank you for your consideration.
031704 Letecia Johnson Holly Springs, 
Outside Playground Equipment  I run a before and after school care program and we do not have the funds to purchase equipment for the children. Just getting started good in the business and not enough profit to be able to purchase anything extra.  New or used equipment will be greatly appreciated by anyone.  If you can help us please let me know. Thank you so very much.
030604 Barbara Jameson Hartford, CT 860-956-8394 Geri Chair I need a Geri chair, I am on disability and have very little money. It is very hard for me to make ends meet, so if anyone out there who has this type of chair please donate it to me.  I thank you in advance
030404 Jenelle Robinson San Clemente, CA
Laptop I have a sweet, smart, computer loving, special needs son who would benefit from having a laptop because he cannot write well enough.  I am a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck.  I would appreciate any type of assistance. 
021804 Linda Bennett Wilkes Barre, PA
570 824-1389
Vehicle or info on obtaining one I am a single mom of a Spina Bifida daughter.  She is in need to see her doctors which are about two hours away from our home and I can't afford to buy a vehicle on my own, so any info would be helpful.  Thank you.
012204 Christine Rivera Long Island, NY 631 399-1839
Wheelchair accessible van I am in desperate need for a wheelchair accessible van for my 4 year old son David. David suffers from sever CP.  He is #7 of 7 children. I am a stay at home mom due to the severity of his medical and physical needs. Dad works but as you can imagine with our family, it's not enough.  We do get some outside assistance, but not enough to buy such an item. If anyone can find it in there heart and soul to donate this item to my special little gift from God, it would greatly be appreciated. PS: David's medical history is long and does not stop at severe CP. For those of you who are interested, David actually has 14 diagnosis' altogether.  He in two words is medically fragile.
012004 Diane Hastain   Renton, WA 425-255-5094
Power chair or Scooter
I have survived a triple A aneurysm resection, but during the surgery, my diaphragm was damaged, so I cannot sustain activity, like walking, due to extreme shortness of breath.  I live in a senior complex composed of several buildings, so the laundry facilities, dumpster, etc. are either across the street or in different buildings.  I need a power chair or scooter to get to the bus stop so I can shop for groceries and prescriptions.  My insurance co. has denied the doctor's order for a power chair, and since I live on Social Security, I am unable to afford to buy one for myself.  Any information about availability will be appreciated.  I could afford small payments monthly.  Thanks for your help. I am a 69 yr. old widow, living in a suburb of Seattle, Wa.
011504  Mrs. Neol or Ms. Reid New York
Mrs. Neol (718) 465-0493 
Ms. Reid (718) 385-4800
2 Vans for transportation The name of our not for profit school is Walk in Love Christian Academy School.  We are in need of 2 vans for transporting our kids grade 1-12 to and from school 5 days a week, right now it is hard because, the van that we do have (1)stays in the shop more then on the street (2)we have more kids than space to sit, right now looks are not important but safety is.  If anyone is willing to bless our not-for -profit org please give us a call, thank you.
010804 Jodi Roach Macomb, IL 309 833-5291
Laptop Computer Jodi Roach, Macomb, IL, (309)833-5291,  I am a mother of 2 boys ages 4 and 5, I graduated high school ten years ago and have decided to go to college so I can get a good  job to support my children.  I am in my second semester at my local community college with a GPA of 3.75.  I am in great need of a laptop but have no funds to buy one. A donation of a laptop to assist in my studies would be GREATLY appreciated.
010804 Stacey Jones Moreno Valley, CA 909-924-0991
Power Wheelchair or Scooter I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and I am in desperate need for a power wheel chair or scooter so I can go out in public again and do the things I used to do.  They are so expensive and on my income of only 500.00 a month I can't afford one. I really will be thankful if someone can donate one to me. Thank you and god bless you.
010204 Mr. Herring CA Ramp or Electric Lift for Wheelchair Requesting ramp or electronic lift for my electric wheelchair 
010204 Rev. Dennis Betz Not Indicated Lift Chair I have Cellulites very bad and risking loosing a body organ due to being a diabetic. Can you please help me  I beg of you please help. Thank You
122003 Brenda Cortland, NY Laptop Computer Need a laptop computer for my special needs child for educational use.
111403 Grace Fanelli Glendale, AZ 602 448-6303 Recliner, lift chair I need a recliner lift chair to assist me getting up.  Please help.
111303 Lisa Jackson, AL
3 wheel bike with a basket and big seat for 13 year old. My daughter Jenny is 13 has a terminal illness called Mitochondrial Disease. She has been unable to attend school for three years now and has few friends because she cant keep up with them. Her IQ has gone from 89 to 60 in a years time. She has written a letter to Santa Claus asking for a three wheel bike with a basket and a big seat. Because of her balance problems a two wheeler is out of the question. Jenny is precious and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!
110403 Javonne Beard  Ypsilanti, Michigan

Christmas toys and Christmas tree. Hi, My name Javonne Beard and I'm a mother of three kids age 5,3,and 2 and we are in need of Christmas toys and a Christmas tree this holiday season I am between jobs and can't afford it this year. Someone please help us
072603 Chrystal Buster Clarksdale,Ms.
Lightweight wheelchair, forearm crutches, 8th grade material and books, 9th grade algebra book, laptop computer and games. Our son is 14,he became ill in 2001,in 2002 he quit walking, he has Transverse Myelitis and Multiple Sclerosis. At first he could not sit up, nor crawl, nor dress himself. Now he can do these, but cannot walk. He is in need of a light weight wheelchair,a grip for the tub, as his Daddy has to help him up and out. He also needs forearm crutches, as he can be held on a gait belt, he can take a few steps, but still can fall if not held tightly. He needs padding on the cuffs as he is at 179 pounds, and plain steel would hurt his arms. He cannot attend school as when he gets sick he stays sick for so long, so I teach him at home, I am in need of a laptop computer for help with his studies. Any eight grade material and books would be great and he takes ninth grade Algebra, I need a new ninth grade Algebra book for him. This is what he CAN do, he cannot crawl anymore as he has ruined the bursi in his knees from crawling, he scoots around on his bottom from room to room, or we hold onto him. He can use his hands and loves to write, he also is good at art. Anything with computers he loves, this is his dream to make computer software and games. Any thing he could use in these areas would be greatly appreciated.
070103 Dorland Warnke
Pacific, Washington
Three Wheel Bike My son will be 10 years old in 5 days. Due to his Mild Cerebral Palsy he is not able to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels yet. A three wheel bike would be a wonderful help. He is too heavy for training wheels. Also, his fine-motor skills is one of his biggest difficulty. he is going into fourth grade soon and we are in desperate need of a laptop for his school work. Thank you
070103 Janice Booth Manchester, UK
Power Chair I need a power chair to get around university, I cant afford one so if I cant get one then I cant go. I need help with the costing. 
070103 Ingrid Gilmore Baldwinsville New York
Computer, printer and transcription machine I am a single mother of 3. I have made some bad decisions in my life. I am now trying to better my situation. I went to school for medical transcription (I want to work from home). But I don't have the money to buy the equipment. I am in need of a computer, a printer and a transcription machine. I would appreciate any donations old or new. Thank-You!
070103 Denise & Aaron Whatley Harwich, MA
Mi Key and Pro Phree Mi-Key button 16 Fr. 2.0 cm. and Pro Phree
070103 Not Given Andalusia, AL king dual adjustable bed
I am in a wheelchair after being attacked by one of my students where I taught.  I have been permanently disabled for the rest of life, I am only 43. Any help We have a two story home and is
almost impossible to get up and down. Then when I reach upstairs, I don' have my wheelchair.  Any help would be appreciated.  I a porch lift.
052403 Arnold Lear Derwood, MD lap top One of our client's on Medicare because of disability  with severe rheumatoid arthritis and Breast Cancer,  would like to write help articles and assist others with similar problems. She cannot afford to purchase a lap-top to facilitate this very worthy program. Can anyone help with this request? Thanks
052403 Bob Strayer Tyrone, PA Powered Wheelchair I am disabled and have very limited income. I need a power wheel chair to help me get around. My legs and back are very bad due to lightning strike. Is there anyone willing to donate one for me?
Thank you.
052403 Dorland Warnke Pacific, WA 3 wheel bike and laptop My son will be 10 years old in 5 days. Due to his Mild Cerebral Palsy he is not able to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels yet. A three wheel bike would be a wonderful help. He is too heavy for training wheels. Also, his fine-motor skills is one of his biggest difficulty. he is going into fourth grade soon and we are in desperate need of a laptop for his school work. Thank you
God Bless You All
052403 Roger Fox Hannibal, MO Car that runs (looks doesn't matter) I'm disabled and am in need of a car looks don't matter just so it runs.  I have to go 200 miles round trip to VA hospital
052403 Ron Las Vegas, NV Ron
Powerd Wheelchair I am so desperate, please read this and if it is in your capacity to help please contact me. I have been living in Las Vegas for 10 years and believe me; I have heard/ seen it all.  This is a true story. My neighbor is the nicest, sweetest angel. The kind of neighbor that only lives in Mayberry, or some other 5o's ideal America, not what you'd expect in "sin CITY" (do you know how many churches are here?!)
my neighbor is 82 years old and as long as I've known her she been alone. Never have I seen one visitor come to call, Nor family member at all. She always comes out to her yard when my child are out to play. With cookies and sweets she's baked. And at my door every morning with flowers freshly cut from her yard. Thing is that the last 2mos We were seeing less and less of her each day till we weren't seeing her at all. My child would stand at the fence calling for her to come out each day but we wouldn't ever hear a sound. After a few days I finally went to her door to see her. That's when I found out about here illness. She had been diagnosed with 6mos or less. With 3 different cancers that started at her hips and is moving up her spin. Another in her lungs and the third in her brain. And her emphyzema has gotten worst. Problem is that all she can do really is sit and watch her tv. She has to much pain to walk or even care for her self. So I Have been doing as much as I can. But my finances are low. What I'm needing is information on reputable charities (the www is killing me with gimmicks and dead ends and spam) that can assist me in helping my neighbor maintain her dignity and freedom for as long as possible. I feel a powered wheel chair would do this. Thanks in advance for your kindness and prayers
021403 Laura Palmer Baton Rouge, LA 225-358-7449
Van Repair or New Van Please Help Me !!! Hi I'm 36 F. an I'm a 7 yr. Quad. Arms, hands
and Legs don't work. I'm looking a full size raised roof GMC van . I have an old one now with lift in it and want to put it in new van. The old Van is a 1990 with 200,000.00 miles on it and falling apart. It cost too much to have

(Trans, motor, brakes, windshield, tires, heat and ac are gone too.) I have six
kids and a disabled husband. We live on my SSI only. 
021403 Kevin Booker Benton, KY Laptop I am a school student trying to get a vehicle and am in desperate need of a laptop. I don't have much of an income and have to pay the bills. I would greatly appreciate if anyone is willing to donate one. In return I have a lot of electronics I can give.
011003 Geri Gorecki Corunna MI Electric Wheelchair or Scooter I need an electric wheelchair/scooter. I have been disabled by 5 pain disorders: RSD, Fibromylgia, Osteo Arithritus, Rhematiod Arithritus, Ankylosing Spondylitus. My children say I have become a hermit, because I can't go anywhere. But they just don't understand that the pain and other symptoms of the diseases I suffer from makes it impossible most of the time for me be able to do the things I love. Not to mention my insurance when I did have it refused to pay for one.
010303 Kim Hafley Burgin, Kentucky Van with wheelchair lift I am in need of a van with a wheelchair lift. I am disabled and have no money. I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis and it is effecting all my joints and I am now homebound. I don't know where else to go for help, I cant find it in my state. 
121602 Sonny Minneapolis,  KS 785-392-2172 Powered Wheel Chair or Scooter In need of a powered wheel chair or scooter have a lost most of the use of legs due to medical problems and insurance has turned me down. Maybe some one can help me be mobile again so I can go out with my kids
121602 Sylvia Sanchez New York, NY Children's Furniture We are currently a non-profit organization called the Flushing YMCA and we are looking for children's furniture such as tables and chairs for ages 5-12y.o. for about 50 children and also a coat rack for 20 kids. We are always looking into improving the quality of our program.
121202 Mahmud Reza Dhaka, Bangladesh Laptop Computer I am Mahmud Reza. I am from Bangladesh. I am a student of MBA. I need a laptop computer. But I have no money. I was searching for a free laptop in the Internet and I got your e-mail address. That is why I am writing to you. Please help me to get a free laptop. Waiting for your mail.
082602 Barbara Chelsea, MA Small Potty Seat I am seeking a small potty seat for my three year old daughter.  She has CP and weighs 18 pounds. Please contact me if you have anything
that is a match.
021402 Melissa Maryland Rifton Trike Son is almost 5 and has Angelman syndrome. I was told he would never walk, but with help from school, on a rifton trike and us working with 2 people walking he can now go 45 steps unassisted. We now want a trike so this summer we can let him ride around here! Any help greatly appreciated.
020902 Karen Magee Ypsilanti, Michigan computer with printer I need a computer with printer for my son who has cerebral palsy. I have no money and am on state aid. I need a computer later than 95 model. We need access to the net.
012402 Rich Halverson Tempe, AZ 480 413-1079 Computer and Graphics Software Disabled adult needs a computer with graphics software donated or at a negotiable low price.  Any assistance will be appreciated.
121501 Ignacio Rocky Point, NM Electric Wheelchair or scooter I was driving in Rocky Point and I could not help it but Ignacio broke my heart, I had to stop and talk to him. He is an adult who was born handicapped, and he does not have a wheelchair, he DRAGS HIMSELF on the sand because the street where he lives is not even paved. Rocky Point is as hot and as cold as Arizona, you can imagine what he goes through. He said he had a wheelchair long time ago. He needs an electric scooter or electric wheelchair because the streets are sandy. If anybody has one who is willing to donate it, please let me know, I will pick it up and take it to him myself. Thanks.
121501 Sandy Not Indicated Wheelchair ramp for home Mother-in-law is handicapped 
and has a wheelchair but needs a ramp built to get out of the house to her appt. We have little to spend and don't know where to go from here. 
100401 Jim Caton Tempe, Arizona Vanguard brand speech augmenting device My son has had a stroke and lost his speech over a year ago. He is making some progress, but the speech pathologist says he needs a speech augmenting device. One such device is a Vanguard brand speech augmenting device. The insurance company has denied paying for it, so we are looking for a used one that perhaps the current user no longer needs. Please e-mail us if you know of this device or any that sound similar. We will be happy to follow up. Many thanx.
072701 Robert Hartsoe, Director North Carolina 336-385-1775 or Tumbleform feeder chairs all sizes We are in desperate need of Tumbleform feeder chairs, all sizes. Can anyone help? We could pay shipping and possibly pay for the chairs if you have one you would like to donate or sell to Miracle Mountain. 
072701 Tom Macha Hampton CT
860 428-6104
Laptop Computer I need a laptop computer. The state of Connecticut Board of Education and Services for the Blind tell me "Tom I do not think you need a laptop computer at this point in your life". So I am looking for a donation. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Calling BESB will not do any good. 
070701 Chris P. Spokane, WA 509-468-0430 Electric Bed Need electric hospital bed, no side rails, all power control.
052901 Tammy Kloser North Phoenix, AZ Potty Chair Looking for a small self supported potty chair for 5.5 yr old CP child.
052901 Foundation for Blind Children Phoenix, AZ 602-331-1470 Toys, educational equipment, computer supplies. The Foundation for Blind Children is a non-profit organization serving infants - 6 yr old children with disabilities. Please consider donating toys, educational and computer supplies and rehabilitation equipment.
050101 Virginia Searles Oak Lawn, IL VSearles@MSN.COM 708-233-1993 Van Lift Need wheelchair lift for m y 1996 Ford Econoline Van. I am trying to improve my brother's daily life skills. My brother is 33 years old and about 175 pounds. I will take a manual lift or power. Thank you.
043001 Pat Oswald Phoenix, AZ Electric Scooter Looking for electric scooter for my mother. Very little money to spend
042301 Diane S. Phoenix, AZ Tumble Form Chairs all sizes For church ministry that helps people who can't afford medical equipment. We refurbish the donated items and lend them, free-of-charge to people in the metropolitan Phoenix area in Arizona.
041201 Sadowski Vancouver, WA 360-882-3869 Hoyer Lift Hoyer 6 point chrome hydraulic lift
021801 Lynn Ingall Lincoln England Special Needs Car Seats Need two second hand special needs car seats. I have two autistic boys and are looking for two car seats I can afford.
010801 Dusty Adamson South Carolina Furniture, Toys, Clothing New foster home needs furniture/toys/clothing for newborn through age 6 children. Infant items needed most.
102700 Wanda Nixon Detroit, MI Computer Equipment I'm interested in trying to obtain a computer from my 7 year old son, who has a reading disability.
092800 Karen Phoenix, AZ Shower Lift or reconstruction of bath for roll-in shower Family with 6 special needs children, in need of shower lift or someone to help remodel bath for roll-in shower.
090500 Tammy Doom Arizona Wheel chair lift, side entry, Chevy Van Need lift for 3 wheelchair family, unable to pay.
090500 Tammy Doom Arizona 2 veil crib beds Unable to afford, needs enclosed crib beds for children to prevent climbing over rails and hurting self. Insurance won't cover.
090100 Angi Ghrist Phoenix, Arizona Tub Chair Need toddler tub chair
090100 Angi Ghrist Phoenix, Arizona Pediatric forearm crutches with clips Need toddler size, 17-24"
041400 Charles A. Wakefield Arizona Stand aid standing table. The stand aid is for a lady with progressive MS who has neither upper or lower body strength. She is 5'9" tall and is currently cared for in a residential care facility. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
022900 Sonny
Apache Junction, AZ 480-982-9259 Need wheelchair lift for Astro Van or Van equipped with lift. Willing to barter services.  I am a carpenter. 5 year old son in wheelchair. Or, willing to pay fair price if you can carry the loan. Financing difficulties.
020700 Cheri Not Indicated 480-391-8633
New or used playground equipment donations for foster children with special needs. Can pay small portion or for set up

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