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Date Name City Contact Request For Additional Information
042909 Caitlin Edwards White Lake, MI 248-929-1146 or 947-570-1271 
Financial Assistance or working vehicle I am in need of any assistance in obtaining a used vehicle for my family. I recently was rear ended by a lady (she passed out on narcotics, going 50 MPH) last Halloween, and it totaled my vehicle. I have 400.00 but need 700.00 more in order to get the vehicle I found. Or I will take any type of donation, used car, anything. Because of the accident I lost my job of 6 years, and now am on unemployment. I have had many job offers, but can't take them until I can get transportation to get there. Please help me and my two little ones get our lives back to what they once were, free and happy, and secure. Thank you ever so much,
041609 Kenny Bayonne, NJ 732-687-1731
New Van or Car We need a van my wife has lung cancer .We have a small car 2 door Saturn we found out it spread to her bones now .It has become very hard for her to get in out of our car its a 2 door very small. We can not afford a new van or car. She has lots of doctors appointments and chemo radiation to go to. It hurts her to get in our car and get out. Please if any one can help please call me at the number above thank you bless you we have a 9 year old daughter who goes a lot with us and is squished up in back seat all the time to thank you
040108 Vicki Robinson Parkside Philadelphia, PA Full size handicapped accessible van My wish is to have a Full size wheelchair accessible van for my 24 yr. old son, Norwood "Woody" Robinson. Woody has had a hard life from the start of his birth. He was a 26 week old baby, born prematurely, and with a host of medical problems. He has bronchial pulmonary displasia, in short, "lung disease", a tracheotomy tube, cerebral palsy, a diseased bowel, and is wheelchair-bound I am a working single mother, and just can't afford the full size wheelchair accessible van that my Woody needs. He loves to go riding, and I promised him that mommy would get her driver's license. Well, I did last May, but the van we need is just too expensive. Presently, I work at the William H. Loesche School, and work with the multi handicapped. Commuting to work is a hassle also, it take me an hour and a half in both directions to get to work. Thank God that I do have caregivers who take care of Woody while I work, if not for them, I would loss our home. April 30th, I will be getting both knees operation on, damaged from years of lifting my Woody. We desperately need a full size accessible van, it would so enhance our quality of life...!
110807 Richard Bristol, CT 860 805-4430
Van I am a handicapped vet but I can still drive in a normal van which is easier for me to get in and out. I am on limited income and cannot afford another vehicle and mine is pouring out oil cannot drive that way. Can use any van that is from 1992 to 1995 make or model does not matter I still need crutches to support me and cannot go to stores etc for food and other needs. Also trying to keep a roof over my grandchildren's head and their mother who is going through trying times and is unemployed at this time. 
100907 Tina Burris El Campo, TX 
979 758-2779
Van with or without lift I have 14 yr old with CP, Autism, Seizures and is PICA. My van was hit by 18 wheeler 2000. We went thru lawsuit and he is only pay $100 a month. I borrowed my parents old van. It went out last week. I don't have $3000 to fix it or to get a new one. I have to stay at home for him and I also have had 3 surgeries since May 2007. He will have surgery in January. He has lot of doctor appts. in Houston and I need a vehicle. Can someone please help us. God Bless.
100907 Deirdre Platermoorman Austell, GA
678 437-8958
Vehicle I need a car to get back and forth to work and to get my kids back and forth to doctors appointments and to school functions.
100607 Felicia Wood Lawrenceville,  PA 
570 827-3261
Handicapped Van I have been placed with my grandparents. My mom is in jail. My dad I have no idea where he is. Haven't seen him in 2 yrs. I am 15 yrs old, have cp can not walk, feed myself or am able to do anything for myself. My gram and popa do it all. They are 66 and 62 is very hard to carry me, and lift me all the time. We need a van to trans. me back and forth to the dr's and the hosp. That is 3 hr's away. If someone could please help us we would ty forever.
100207 Paula Rose Richmond, VA 
804 901-7789
Vehicle with lift I am a single mother of two; one who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. However, I work 2 jobs and I use public transportation to go to and fro; then when I go to church I have to physically lift her from her wheelchair into the church van, which is awkward since she is like 5'8" 105lbs and I am 5'0" 115lbs(the van has no wheelchair lift). I am looking for a vehicle with accommodations already within the vehicle (lift). This would be a real blessing for me and both my girls, especially for my oldest daughter (who has cerebral palsy).
100207 Terralyn Baugh Maywood, IL
773 817-2079
Vehicle I am the single mother of a 5 year old on a ventilator, she is total care. she is a g-tube feed and everything has to be done for her. I have tried to contact every organization I could. We need to be able to take her to the doctor and to church and just to get her out of the house for natural stimulation. She has a severe brain injury. She is a near SIDS baby. I know that all on this list is in need. All I am asking is just to point me in the right direction. My prayers are with all on this list, these are needs not wants. I know I am there. May God Bless You and Keep You All Healed. In Jesus Name
100107 Alice Rivera Jacksonville, FL
904 329-3425
Vehicle No information given
093007 Belinda Herrera Bellingham, WA 
360 320-1606
Vehicle Please help, single mom with two little girls in need for a car for work and to bring them to day care. Mom lost everything because of domestic violence.
092607 Yolanda Blair Parkville, MD 
410 821-6399
Van We are a  family of 5 wishing to give back to our community by helping other kids get out of the area by going to the movies, plays, doctor's office, if the parent can't take them. Than includes an adult who isn't able to get there, who has no family and not much money. We need to help them. I'm a nurse assistant who gets paid to take them. They pay my fee and the agency fee which is too much. My family wants to help but needs to have a van to  get them there. Please help me do that. It would help people of every day life feel someone cares. Thank you.
092407 Tonya Brown Tulsa, OK 


Vehicle Please consider assisting me. I am a middle aged single Christian woman currently without transportation due to the fact that I am credit challenged. The only vehicle I had an option to purchase was what the dealer basically wanted to get off the lot looked decent but major repairs were required in less than a year. I am a full time college student named to the National Deans list in 2005 & 2006 working full time and aspire to open a non profit organization assisting teen parents upon graduation. I would be a blessing from above if anyone would be moved to help me continue to help myself as well as others upon completion of my formal education. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
091107 Gwen Morrison Hull, MA 


Vehicle I am a 37 year old single mother in great need of a reliable vehicle, as well as, a babysitter and job. I had moved to be near my father and step-mother as they insisted that I would make better money in MA. When I moved in with my parents, they realized how difficult it is to be a single mother and a manager of a residential agency; caring for individuals with mental/physical disabilities. As a result, my parents became frustrated and "kicked" me and my two boys (ages 14 and 1 1/2) out of their home. Due to being homeless, me and my two boys stayed in my car while I continued to work as a residential manager (having to take my two boys to work with me). Recently, my car broke down and will cost $1,800.00 to repair. Because I have struggled with finding a babysitter that I can afford as most babysitters on the South Shore charge over $200.00 weekly, I lost my job as I must be with my young son until I can find a sitter for him. Now, I have nothing. I have excellent skills. However, due to the fact that I am a single mother, I do not have any friends to rely on, and my single mother chaos chased my family away. Is there anyone out there that can assist me with affordable housing, a babysitter, and a car in MA?
090707 Diane Walker McKinney TX
Vehicle I am a 34 year old single mother of a wonderful little girl.....Up until a few days ago she and I had transportation until my ex boyfriend decided to take the vehicle he and I shared in both of our names. I have already made my attempts with the dealership to try and get the vehicle back; but he has traded it in for a different vehicle, even though he has a vehicle of his own. I do not wish to be in an abusive relationship with him any longer. He left me hopeless, scared, and trapped, with no way to work, take my daughter to school, go to doctors appt, see my family or friends, or just to go to the grocery store. I had recently started my own business, and it was started to pick up and do very well, but he has left me with no way to get to my scheduled jobs. I know this is a lot to ask, and anything you can do to help; I will do my best to give back 10 fold.....I greatly appreciate any help you can provide, I do get child support occasionally, but not consistently to help with other matters, but not enough to purchase a vehicle for my daughter and I...... Ok I will quit rambling, because asking for help is hard for me to swallow....Thank you
090607 Linda Atkinson Omaha NE 
Vehicle and assistance I am a single grandmother raising 2 grandchildren. I don't have a car and will not have a ride to work. The person who gives me a ride is leaving the place I work. Also, I am struggling to get caught up on bills. I have tried so hard to make ends meet. The girls come from a violent background. Their father tried to kill their mom and the youngest. I am so depressed. I try not to show the children. Please someone help. I need a vehicle and about $3000.00 to get caught up. May god bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
090507 Lilliam Costa Brunswick NJ 
Handicapped van with lift I am a mother of 2 biological children. One who has cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, hydrocephalic shunt and is blind. He is currently 16 years old and 100% dependent on me. I am also a foster mom of 2 medically fragile babies. I am in need of a van with lift for a wheelchair. I can no longer lift my son to put him in a car seat to then assemble and disassemble his wheelchair. I have a herniated disc and a disc bulge from lifting him. Anyone who has a handicapped van that they are looking for a home for, we would love to take off your hands.
082807 Patricia Evans TIfton, GA
Reliable Transportation I know there are more people who have greater needs, but I am a single parent with a income of less than $7.00 an hour and with the rising cost of living in a small town it's very hard to take care of all my needs. I would just like to be able to go to my doctors appointments with out having to inconvenience someone else. The VA hospital I go to is 200 miles round trip. If there is any compassionate people out there willing to help me out with reliable transportation w/heat and air you will truly be blessed. If you are reading my need and can't respond in any way, thanks for taking the time. God Bless!
082007 Maria Heltsley Woodstock, GA
678- 437-0225
Van or SUV Hi I'm a mother of 3 n one on the way n my husband barely makes enough money to pay for the bills but we need a van or a suv so i can get a job to help my husband out so he's not the only one stressing out. We need transportation so i can do food shopping n go to doctors appt. n get a job. If there is anyone out there that can help please let us know thank u n god bless.
080907 Burl Cunningham Molalla, OR
Van My dad (Burl) is diabetic and he has neurological damage. He needs a van that will hold a power chair.
080107 Andrea Murphy New Carollton, MD
Van and ramp I need a wheelchair van and a ramp for my son, he is so heavy and we cant afford to have one built. He is very very heavy and I'm experiencing back problems now. Please Help
072807 Sharon Thurston St. Louis, MO
Van with lift I am in dire need of a van with a lift. I'm on a low income, therefore I would like it to be donated to me. PLEASE. It must be a fairly new van. I've had polio & can no longer walk. Thanks & God Bless You.
072107 Garland Westbrook galena, kansas
Vehicle with club cab and automatic I am in dire need of a vehicle. A small pickup with a club cab and automatic. As I am a double amputee. My old 86 Buick died. Am really wanting to find some work and plus I am being held up on my therapy for learning to walk. Being a very independent person this would help me a great deal. As, I could once again become a useful member of society. And, plus help other amputees, which is my purpose in life. Thanks for listening.
071907 Sharon Thurston St. Louis,  MO
314 653-2499
Van for electric wheelchairs I need this to be donated to me or for as little money as possible. I'm on a VERY LIMITED INCOME.
071907 David Morgan Quinlan, TX  612 251-2274 
Cargo Van I lost my license about four years ago therefore losing everything I had including my family and friends. I have been having a hard time getting back on my feet. I am a truck driver. I used to own a semi-tractor trailer but I lost that as well when I lost my license. I now have them back but they do no good without the truck. If any one could feel my despair and reach out to me and lend a helping hand this old trucker would really appreciate it.
071607 Rhonda Ciovacco Parrish, AL  Minivan I had a stroke and need chair lift to get out.
071407 Ann M Willow Springs, NC  Van or Transportation I am disabled and have an electric wheelchair but it does not fit in my SUV. My husband is also disabled but has not yet been able to be put on social security so we are just living on mine witch is only $479 a month we struggle to just pay the rent ant utilities and food there is no way to pay for the lift to go on the Jeep Cherokee Laredo 1999 . I am trying to go through a work training program that will provide me with transportation for about four weeks with my wheelchair but after that i am not sure how we will transport it . if you could help it would be a God send God Bless you all. Thank you all for your time. 
070607 Bettie Hubbard Reedcity, MI 
Car I need help purchasing a car. My son just started getting SSI for leg-calve-perthes disease. He has had 3 surgeries since Feb 07, and 2 full body casts. My van blew up 2 days ago. I also have 2 little girls who need to go to the doctor's my youngest has pretty bad asthma. If someone could please help me. I found a car, but with my credit not so good I can't get a loan from a bank or anywhere. The car is the perfect size but it cost 1700.00. And believe me I know that is a lot. I also need help with 2 months rent I pay 675.00 a month. And due to all my son's surgery's and stuff I fell behind. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. This show's there is people who care about others. Thanks again.
062007 Jennifer Talley Hoover, AL 

Van I am in need of a reliable van. I have 4 kids and 2 of them have disabilities. To get them to and from doctors visits. I also need a full size bed for my daughter who has a disability.
060507 Kristin Nagel Reno, NV
Home Phone 775-826-2050
12- passenger van Needed for transportation of youth day treatment program
060107 Lorri Good Bridgeville, PA 
412 221-1243
15 pass van We need a 15 pass van to convert for our youngest child's special chair. She is medically fragile and the youngest of 7. we are very low on money because we only have one income and two kids on disability. Please help us if you can. God bless you.
052607 Gladys Hill Ovid, CO


Van and life I am 68 years old and unable to get outside without some building done on my house. I have an electric wheelchair and it is just to heavy to try to load in anything. So I really need a lift and van so I can go outside, and do my shopping I am all alone.
043007 Pamela Parquet Garyville, LA
 Vehicle for handicap child vehicle with lift I have a 24-year old who was on his way to a promising career as an athlete. My son was recently stricken with a rare viral encephalitis for which he has severe brain damage. He cannot speak nor can he walk. I can only leave the home if I have to pick up his meds. He is so attached to me that I am unable to work; he cries if I leave the room for far to long. This is all new to him and he is devastated. I communicate with him by the blinking of his eyes; once for no and twice for yes. I too am devastated to see him this way but I thank God for allowing him to be here with me. At this time, we have no income and are being assisted by family and friends. My home needs repairs to make it handicap accessible for him. I have a wheelchair for him but am in need of a vehicle to transport him to doctor appointments and to just get him out of the house. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
040107 Cammie Baca Loveland CO 


Van with wheelchair lift I am a single mom of 3, my oldest has just turned 16 yrs old and is severely disabled and terminal. I am unable to lift him and transfer him into my car easily and have no room for his wheel chair. We have become imprisoned into our home as I am unable to do the things I wish before he dies in a comfortable way. After he passes my wish is to donate the van to another family in need. I don't want his disability to prevent him from things others of us take for granted. Thank you for your time.
033107 Jesse Baines Knoxville TN 


Van for Wheelchair I Lost my right leg and left foot due to a infection. My wife is disable and on SSD for a backwards heart. She is unable to pick up and place my wheelchair in the car we now have. The Doctors believe that I will always be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I am waiting on my SSD to start. But we need a Van ASAP. Our credit is not the best at this time due to all our Doctors/Hospital bills. So we are praying that someone can help us out. Thanks for reading this ad.
032207 Christine Thau Phoenix AZ 


Accessible Van I am the mom of a 6 year old in a wheelchair (cerebral palsy). I am no longer able to lift his wheelchair into our van and he is getting heavy as well to lift into his car seat, which will be to small real soon here. We are in need of a handicap van. We are a one income family and cannot afford one. Thanks.
031907 Melissa Mariani Enfield CT 


Reliable Vehicle I am a blessed single mother of two small children. I am solely raising these wonderful children on my own, but i am struggling to find a job due to the lack of a vehicle. I want to go to school and get a great job but i am having a hard time getting to places because i have no car. If anyone out there knows of any kind of programs for single mothers who need a jump start on getting their life together please email me with any ideas. Thank you all so much.
031307 Charlotte Saltzman Crocker MO 


Handicapped Lift Van I am a 61 year old woman who has "Arnold Chiari Malformation of the Brain" and severe Spinal Stenosis. I have a power wheel chair and desperately need a lift equipped van to go to doctor appointments, shopping, and church. My husband had triple bypass heart surgery last year and now he has got to have surgery for a shoulder replacement. He cannot help me in and out any more. We live off my $774 SSD. My husband has been turned down for SSI and he is unable to work at the carpenter jobs he has done all his life. Will you please help us? Thank you, for taking time to read this. May God richly bless you.
030807 Charles Fitzsimmons Olympia, WA 
Van with lift Independent provider and caregiver taking care of a lady with multiple disabilities. She's currently in a power chair that I have been able to pull apart and put the 220lb base in the trunk and the 45lb seat in the back seat of my car when taking her to frequent doctor's appointments. However, she's about to receive a new power chair that will cradle and cushion her body better and hold her head in place in order to not create unnecessary nerve pain or more damage to her neck and spine. The thing about it is, it has a solid frame and there is no way for me to lift 350lbs nor will the frame bend to fit in any car. It would be nice to have the ability to take her out to more than just the doctor as well. Though the new wheel chair is safer for her it will be difficult to get her from place to place without a wheelchair accessible van. There are lift services here but the huge bus/lift vans haven't the best shock system to protect her spine from the bumpy ride as it travels through town and the frequent stops to pick up others poses great safety issues. She loves nature and it would be fantastic to take her out to view and experience as much nature as she would like knowing that she is safe and comfortable during travel. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.
030407 Lisa Poole Raytown, MO 


4x4 work truck I am a single mother of two my truck I used daily for wk finally bite the dust . My finances are in a more horrible shape I don't know what else to do but to ask for help . Please donate to my family anything you can. We need a truck so we can be independent again. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely yours Lisa and kids
3/3/2007 Donna Curnutt Williamsburg KY 


Handicapped Van We're looking for a handicap  equipped van. My husband had bone cancer and had to have his leg amputated at the hip. He is 37 years old and he needs to go back and forth to the doctors and to church. We have 3 kids 13, 7 , & a 3 yr old. They keep turning him down on his SSI and Social Security so all we get is my SSI so it gets rough sometimes. Thanks for looking and God bless you all...
022407 Ricardo Garcia Paterson NJ 


Caravan van or similar car. I'm a single parent of one 17 years old kid. I'm a Wheelchair user and, even though I try to do my best to survive, I realized that without transportation, life for us, is a real struggle. But we have not any other choice than face it. So, I'm majoring in Human services at Passaic Community College, and I'm a part time worker too. for these reasons I desperately need an equipped van to get my job place, the college etc,. If there is somebody with a blessed heart willing to help somebody like me, I would be endlessly thankful for that. Unfortunately, I'm not in a good financial situation to afford a van for myself. Recently, I got a new job as a substitute teacher, but without a car, it is so hard to get these schools for me. I'm praying God to find somebody that could help me out with this. I really want to a productive man for this society, and most importantly, being a good father for my son. Thanks.
021507 Spencer Kidd Lynchburg, VA


Van with Lift For Spencer Kidd Jr that has 3rd stage Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer). Spence is home bound and has recently received a power wheelchair that requires a class II or III hitch. The vehicle that the Kidd family has will not accommodate the lift for the wheelchair. Spence needs the wheelchair to be transported for treatment, to attend church and to be able to get out for other functions.
021407 Taner Akbay Charlotte, NC 704-777-0739 
Handicapped Van I'm 49 yrs old Polio victim. I got hand controls and valid driving license but I do not have a vehicle. I did have a minivan but payments was so high I had to let it go. I really like to have handicapped van with wheelchair lift. Me and my wife are disabled. We live on what we get for Social Security, disability $670 for me, SSI $245 my wife. We can't afford vehicle and we need a transportation. My wife goes to Dr. a lot. Please help me. Hope to hear from you guys soon. 
021107 Aurelia Wheeler  Shelton, CT Email not given
Van or panel truck I represent a non-profit 501(c)3 agency. We can only offer a tax write off to those who may donate. We badly need the donation of a van or panel truck.
020507 Joyce Deitler Wapakoneta,  OH 


Handicap Van My sister is 25 years old and a mother of a 6 year old. My sister has end stage renal failure and a disease that there is only 6 known cases of. The disease has "frozen" her joints and she is unable to walk. Medicare did pay for a scooter for her but I cannot drive her anywhere because I am unable to lift her myself. I would like to be able to take her places with her daughter. If anyone could find it in their heart to help us out, we would appreciate it. Please understand this is a serious matter. And I am not a fake. Thank you for your time.
020307 LaRenda Helton Hickory, NC 

Dependable good running van Pastor needs dependable van for transporting children and elderly to church and to medical appointments. TRUE MAN OF GOD WITH VERY GIVING SPIRIT.
020207 Lynda Robinson Newnan, GA No Email Given
Vehicle or Transmission repair Additional Information I have a 92 Buick Regal and the transmission has went out on it. I am disable and I have two children that are also. We live in a none transportation town. No buses no trains, nothing. If there is anyone who can help get our car back on the road we would be forever grateful. Thanks and be Blessed.
020107 Kelley Wheeler Shelton CT 203-925-1191 Van/Car Non profit in need of Van/Car to transport elderly handicapped and disabled to medical appointments and other errands on a daily basis
020107 Eythel Barron Granbury TX 
817-326 8335


Financing a handicap van I need someone to help me purchase a handicap van. both me and my daughter has to use a power chair. We can't go anywhere together because we don't have a way to transport our chairs. My husband is also handicapped. he is almost blind. anyone that can help please contact me. Thank you.
013007 Raymond Weber Waverly TX 936-232-3649


Wheelchair Accessible Van I am from TX. I went to Montana to work. While there, I was in an auto accident 11-05. I live in the country. It is hard to find some one to go to store or take me to doc. I moved back to Texas so I would have a few contacts to help me. But it is still very hard to do without transportation. I know there are lots of people that have needs like me. But if there is any one or organization that can help, please help. Thanks.
012907 Gil Sims Denver, CO 


Van for Wheelchair I'm 68 year old senior, who got "ganged banged" by the "bloods" and i am now, required to be "wheel chair bound". i get very little social security. my pick up truck is being hauled away today, because the engine gave out. i need a van, for transportation, to and from doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and shopping, etc. i have a "live-in attendant" and "driver". it must be ready for safety and emission in Colorado. what i will give you is "an angel's blessing" on my website. It will "renew thy soul"! thank you, and may the Good Lord Above bless you for your kindness unto his humbled servant. amen. angel gil.
012907 Schirlyn Kamara Lancaster PA 


Passenger Van I am in need of a passenger van, I am a mother in the community who started a program to teach young people how to grow their own food. We need a van to transport them back and fourth to a local farm where a farmer teaches them and back to the city where they plant their garden.
012307 Carla Deni Santa Clara CA 


Handicapped accessible van with rear entry Additional Information We are a non-profit retirement community. A 501 (c)(3). Many of our residents are in their late 80's and 90's and do not have family or friends that can take them to doctor appts. or shopping. We are looking for a van that we can use to take them ourselves. We cannot afford to purchase one and would appreciate a donation to our community. Thank you
012207 Luana Herndon, PA
Car or Van I am a single mother in need of a reliable car or van to get my daughter to her doc appts. She is blind deaf and disabled and has several health problems. The only income I'm receiving is her income from SSI and we live off of that and no extra for a car. Could you please help or do you know some who could. Thank you.
011907 Carver Regina Petal, Mississippi 
Wheelchair accessible van I am looking for someone who can help my daughter. She is 14 years old and is disabled and has been in a wheelchair all of her life. She has just had surgery and I have a car that has a carrier on the back She has an electric wheelchair. To go anywhere we have to pick her up and put her in the car but now since she had her surgery it is painful for her and if it is raining we can't take her wheelchair. I don't know what else to do but to ask for help. I just can't afford to buy a vehicle. If anyone can help please let me know. I can also trade my car if need be ... thank you very much.
011407 Rita Laboissonniere East Providence, RI 
401-434 8034
Handicap Van Need handicap van for 2 electric wheelchairs, the kind that you push a button and door and ramp comes down. We are 2 elderly disabled persons that live on SSI. Hope we can get it for free. PAIN
011007 Kirsten Townsend,  TN
Car I am a single parent with two children i am in need of a car because my son is 8 months old and my daughter is 3 years old. My son is in the hospital and have no way to get to him because I have no car. Please help. I am still praying for everything to work out. Thank you for listening and reading this.
010707 Tommy L Harmon Dickson, TN 615-375-1050 Van with wheelchair lift I need a Van with a wheelchair lift. I have a older van with a wheelchair lift that I could trade in.
010207 Yvonne Mckoy Elizabethtown NC 
Home Phone 910 862 9920


Lift chair and van with lift Additional Information I am a single mom of 3{15,12,8}My 12 year old was born with a rare heart defect. She had 2 heart attacks 10/05, she is total care now. I have been taking care of her since she had her attacks. Because of her brain injury her spine is cursing, she loves to sit up therefore she needs a lift chair so it will not be so difficult to take care of her personal needs while sitting up. I have a 1999 mazda 626. I have to break her wheelchair down to put it in the front seat of my chair. I crank my windshield one night at church trying to get her wheelchair out of my car. If someone can help us with a lift van please contact me. My God Bless ,Thank You.
010207 Remy Mesilus Everett, MA
Dependable Vehicle I am a single mother who lives in. I am going back to college to finish my degree. I must work while going to school to pay for tuition and to support my daughter. I desperately need a dependable car to take me to school and to work. If any one could donate a car to help me I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!
123006 Claudia Worsham Pulaski, TN 931-363-3106


Van with a lift My dad is a 70 yr old polio patient. He has in the last 2 yrs lost all use of his legs. He's in a wheelchair. He's also been diagnosed with lung cancer and has to go back and forth to the Dr. He has to be lifted with a hoyer lift into a vehicle then take the lift and chair to the Dr., take him out with the lift and put him in a chair. A van with a lift would be so much easier and we would like to take him places. He can't travel because of this. Please help us find someone who could donate one.
122206 Barbara Redshaw Las Cruces, NM 
Van with Lift Used Van with Wheelchair Lift for a friend who has a 14 year old son in a wheelchair with a wasting disease.
121306 Charles Depasse Shawnee,  OK 
405 273-6397
Wheelchair van Need a wheelchair van
121206 Adelina Gonzales Tolleson AZ 623 936-4450 Financial Assistance Van I am a 26 year old single mother of 2 wonderful kids. I have a 4yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. We recently have moved out on out own and have been trying to make it by ourselves since June. We have been doing okay with the little loans from family to pay rent each month. This month everything has been brought to a halt. I could not afford to pay for my car so it is now going to repossession. I did not have enough money to pay rent so there might be a chance that we will get evicted. I am in desperate need for help or programs that could help me catch up on my bills and help up not lose out apartment.
121006 Jodi Torres Smyrna, GA 404-604-9655 Car I'm in need of some kind of transportation so I can get to and from work and to take my kids places. I'm having problems getting rides.
120706 Yonna Berry Renyon WA 
425 988 3744
Used Car I'm a disable woman with 17 yrs daughter we need a used car to help us get around. We also need warm coats.
120406 Glenda Hamilton Oxford, ne
Wheelchair lift or handicap accessible van My father a Korean war vet recently had his leg amputated. We need to find him a wheel chair lift or a handicap accessible van (for free or very low cost) or some way of getting him and his wheelchair into a van. Right now in order to have a little independence he is trying to scoot inside the back of a van using a little footstool to sit on. I think this is very dangerous at his age and would like to find him a safe way to transport. His children have purchased as much of the other things he needed but this is one thing we can not seem to afford.
112906 Patricia Kiser Wise, VA 
276 328-2542
Handicap Van I am actually doing this for my dad. He is 70 years old and weighs about 75 pounds, he recently had a triple bypass on his right leg and had his left leg amputated the next day, he is desperate need of a handicap accessible van so he can travel to and from the doctor, we have a jar and all of our family members have been putting their loose change in it, and we have been saving aluminum cans to help with trying to purchase a van for him. He and my mom both receive disability and together a monthly income of $800.00 so it's very hard for them to purchase a van with monthly payments. If anyone knows of a van for sale at a cheap price close to our area please e-mail or call. Thank you and God Bless!
112606 Susan Sudduth Standish Maine
207 642-4063
Wheelchair Van I have 22 yr old daughter with cerebral palsy in a powered wheelchair. She also has mild mental retardation and gardners syndrome.I was recently diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. I desperately need a van with a wheelchair lift in it. My daughter's having this surgery on her abdomen makes it harder for me to be able to lift her and transfer her from wheelchair to car. She has an Ileostomy and cant not pick her up with my arms around her belly any more and me having cancer it is making it real difficult to transport her. PLEASE HELP ME! ASAP this is the only way I can take care of my daughter in my home. I love my daughter so much and she has been through so much since birth and still going through tough medical problems as she also was just found to have a blood clot on her liver so we have to be real gentle on lifting her. I only have a 2002 dodge neon. Angel lived in a group home for 3 yrs and 10 months she now lives home with me and I take care of her 100%. Please write back to me and let me know where and how I can get a wheelchair lift van
112606 Dalene Collins Elliottsburg Pa
717 582-2390
Inexpensive Van or Car I'm looking for a nice running Van but I can't afford a lot of money right now so if anyone can help please let me know. Thank you.
101906 Pamela Parquet Garyville, LA 
Vehicle for handicap child vehicle with lift I have a 24-year old who was on his way to a promising career as an athlete. My son was recently stricken with a rare viral encephalitis for which he has severe brain damage. He cannot speak nor can he walk. I can only leave the home if I have to pick up his meds. He is so attached to me that I am unable to work; he cries if I leave the room for far to long. This is all new to him and he is devastated. I communicate with him by the blinking of his eyes; once for no and twice for yes. I too am devastated to see him this way but I thank God for allowing him to be here with me. At this time, we have no income and are being assisted by family and friends. My home needs repairs to make it handicap accessible for him. I have a wheelchair for him but am in need of a vehicle to transport him to doctor appointments and to just get him out of the house. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
110206 Matt Banks Eolia, KY  Handicapped Van I am in need of a van with a wheelchair lift and lock downs that can hold a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair. We DON'T HAVE MONEY TO BUY VAN. We are interested in donated vans from programs that give or pay for them. We need a high top van like a cargo van type. I am a 33 year old man in a wheelchair with CP, my muscles are drawn such that I cannot get into trucks, cars, or other vehicles. I'm living with my parents. My dad is a diabetic man in the late 60's with heart trouble & my mom also has heart trouble. They cannot lift enough to put me in vehicles. We want a local program that would help us.
101206 Jessica Maryland, Washington DC area Vehicle I am pregnant with my second child and work as a temporary agent at the moment services the entire Maryland and Washington, DC area. I need a car to get around but I can't afford one right now. I don't car what type of car it is as long as it runs and is an automatic. I don't know how to drive a shift. I was in an accident in December and my car was totalled. I am still fighting the insurance company for money. Please help. Information on where to look is also greatly appreciated.
100706 Kathleen Redding, CA No phone given
Van 55 yr. old grandma 8 grandkids. Had polio 2 yrs old now post polio. It hurts, no more dancing. My 93 oldsmobile keeps breaking down, it is painful to walk. Disabled on income need larger durable van type or anything. Truly will make life easier, not having to live in fear. Donate as tax write off will supply any documents you need.. God Bless you from  e-mail 
091606 Terry Helms Fort Mill, SC 803-547-5342
Handicap Van Need handicap van. One with high top, lift and tie downs for wheel chair. We don't have a lot of money. My husband is disabled and not able to work. We have been trying to get his disability for almost 2 years now. Our son is 13 and can't walk or talk. He was born at 24 weeks at 1 lb  12 1/2 ounces when he was born. I do my best to take care of them and my 80 year old mother who is also not in the best of health. If there is any way you could help us we would be so grateful. God Bless. With warmest and deepest regards in Christ: The Helms
090606 Jayne Bethel Quincy Michigan  I am a single mother and my mother became disabled and moved in with us. I have a van but need a wheelchair lift. to get her in and out i can't lift my mother because i have a bad back. can anybody help or let know where i can get some help thank you.
090606 John Shields Lancaster, PA 717-391-7853
Automobile I am 53 years old and disabled due to auto accident, I am in need of an automobile to get to my Dr appointments and my physical therapy. I have a van but it isn't running and no money to get it repaired. I receive 716.00 a month disability and even that does not pay all the bills. At this point i am ready to lose my home due to back mortgage payments, so if anyone can help, I have a small coin collection, and an electric wheelchair an ultra Jet, almost new, I paid 5,200 for it and will sell for 2,000. I am in dire need for an automobile and must sell. Please call me.
090306 Kathi Kalpakoff  King City California 831-382-0118  Van with lift I'm looking for a van with a lift for a family of 4. This is for a single mom whose son has MS. The disease has advanced quickly. I've seen a change in her son within the last 2 years since he was diagnosed. He is getting difficult to move in and out of a vehicle. They live in a mobile home park and live paycheck to paycheck. They are the kindest people you'd ever want to know and love Jesus. Please let us know quickly if you know of someone who might be able to help. Thank you.
090106 O Miley Raleigh, NC 919-828-8330 
Handicapped Van I am a single parent. I have a 10yr old special needs daughter diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy & claiming total healing in Jesus Name. She's getting older and heavier. We are in need of a handicap lift van to transported her to doctor appts, activities & to church on a regular basics. Thank you for your help.
082706 DWAYNE OTTE SEWARD NE 402-641-5654 
Van Need van to transport my power wheelchair. I don't drive, not capable. Wife does all the driving. Would like van to transport wheelchair.
081806 Lee Kelly Longview, TX Handicapped Van Good day - I am seeking donation of a handicap equipped van for a Texas family. The patient is Jennifer Morris, 23, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is a quadrilateral spastic paralytic. Her mother, Sharon, 53, also has health problems. They must take an ambulance to Jennifer's medical and dental appointments and a van would make a great difference in their lives. If you know of anyone who could assist us, please answer this letter by email.
081506 Pastor James & Maxine Paul Dacula, GA 404-578-2994
Vehicle We desperately need a car.  My husband has been having to ask for rides now for over 8 months.  Our car was repossessed back in January after my husband had a back injury.  We weren't able to pay what they wanted to get the car back and unfortunately haven't been able to just go out and make a traditional purchase.  Please help us if there is any way.
081506 Mrs. Sharon Kaye Morris Longview, TX 903-234-0156 (Lee Kelly)
Handicap-equipped Van I am seeking a handicap-equipped van for Mrs. Sharon Kaye Morris, 53, and her daughter Leighann, 23. The daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and quadrilateral spastic paralysis. She must travel by ambulance to doctor and dental appointments. 
080706 Carmen Stratford, CT, 203-345-67408
Van with chair lift My Son was diagnosed with rare type of cancer sarcoma. He is paralyzed and can not walk. We are in need of a van with wheel chair lift but we can not afford to buy one at this time. His condition has worsened but he looks forward to travel. We have no way to transport him. Any one able to assist with information or donation please contact me. Thanks and God Bless
080306 Sara Wolfe Wooster, OH 330-294-0941
Van with lift I am a home health Aid who takes care of a 42 year old quadriplegic woman. She has been disabled for 16 years following a horrible car accident. She doesn't ever get out of her house because she has no transportation. We need a wheelchair van with a lift. If anyone knows of a place that might be willing to donate one, please contact me. Thank you and God bless!!
072106 Wes Long Camanche, IA 563-210-1228 
SUV or Van with ramp of lift. In need of an SUV or Van. I just acquired an electric wheelchair and need an SUV or van in which it will fit, with a ramp or lift. I am 44 years old and need to be able to get around. Thank you
071906 Paxinos Penna Not Given 570-898-5732

Wheelchair Van I am a 46 yr old disabled vet with MS and my van engine is shot. I'm in desperate need of a wheelchair van that runs or I have to go to a nursing home. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it greatly. If not, don't feel bad because to letdowns in life, I lost my kids and now I am going to lose my independence. I pray everyday, but time is running out and when it does, I will give up because life has won and I can not take anymore.
071306 Yvette Tibbs Baldwin, NY 917-842-9163 
Conversion van I am a single mother of a 9 year old daughter with cp she is diagnosed as spastic quadriplegic. She is 4' 4" and 80 lbs and I am 5' 3 and 150 lbs. She is growing by the months and it is getting very difficult to get around with her in her stroller. She has a power chair but she is limited to use for school and walking distance activities near home. I have a disc problems with my back and I am in need of a conversion van that she can get around independently and relieve my back. My daughter longs for her independence and I pray for that also. Please I need help. I have limited financial resources so I am asking for as much assistance as possible as well. God Bless you!
070506 Kristine Holliday  Jasper, GA 706-253-5154
Van with lift I have a daughter that has Spina Bifida. Physically I can no longer pick her up because she is 13 years old and weighs 110 lbs. I am currently living with relatives in Jasper, GA because of hurricane Katrina. I need transportation to go to doctor appointments, therapy, and outings. Alex, my daughter has had several surgeries this past year and has more coming up. I am interested in finding a van with a lift that is in good condition at little or no cost. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford much. Please forward any information you can give me. I do not have a computer for you to e-mail me through my mother's email. Thank-you,
070406 Channell Stroud McDonough, GA 770-320-9426
Car repair or bigger car I am in need of either getting my car fixed or getting a bigger car for me and my three children. I recently got fired from a nine year job because of an injury and I am awaiting surgery. School is about to reopen and I can not purchase any clothes and shoes for them with the $268 that I received from child support and unemployment. My car just tore up yesterday and I do not know how I going to get my oldest daughter to summer school. Please help and God Bless.
062506 Marie Smith Canyon Lake, TX 830-964-3521
Running Vehicle I am a 40 yr old disabled desert storm era veteran in desperate need of a running vehicle since the Daewoo I was using blew its engine I have no way to get to the doctors or my physical therapy or the pharmacy. I live in Canyon lake TX, my # is 830-964-3521. I live on 800 a month with only 20 dollars a month for food my name is Marie smith.
062506 Amber Kernersville, NC 336-310-3532
Van with Wheelchair lift I have CP but I am very independent. I use a power wheelchair.  I can really use a van with a wheelchair lift on it so I can be independent outside of my apartment. I have very little income. Thank you.
060606 Doris Holland Bluff, AR 870-879-6365
Handicapped Van or Financing for Van I'm an adult and I was in an auto accident. I am now unable to walk. I am in need of a handicap van or help with financing to purchase a handicap van The handicap van or so expenses any thing that applies on a wheel chair goes up by 20 percent. I need help on financing or someone to donate a handicap van. I am not looking for a free ride just help on financing. Thanks.
053006 William and Lilly Rose Nashville, TN 615-269-6010 Ext 119 or 615-386-6335 or
Car or Van We are a family with a significant Background in Missions and Ministry. My wife and I have twin boys who are 23 months old and our only vehicle which is a 1995 Cutlass ceria is constantly breaking down on us and is without A/C which makes travel unbearable. We both work full time and struggle to get around and have had to take our boys to the Dr appointments and ER a whole lot. This may sound strange. Our money is limited now and we are looking for a Van or vehicle that can serve us that needs no repairs in the immediate future. If you have a vehicle or know someone who does they can give us that they are no longer using, Please contact us ASAP. We appreciate your seeking God as to how you can help us and May God bless you.
052006 Charles T. Coryell Joplin, MO 417-540-8995 Any running car. 61 yr old male living on SSI disability and self dependent. I need a car so I can go to the grocery store and other places I need to go to. I live outside the city and I have back and hip problems so I am not able to walk very far at all, only to the mailbox and back. I don't have anyone except my sister that lives about 2 miles from me. She is 77 yrs old and her husband just died. She is not able to help me. I have daughters but they all live in other states and are not able to help me financially. When I go to the grocery store I have to take a taxi which costs me $40. out of my money for food and supplies. I have been an honest hard-working man all my life. I have never done any kind of drugs, never been in trouble with the law and I don't drink. The car I had broke down and I had to give it away for junk. I am a retired computer tech and I would be willing to do computer repairs for a car that would run and drive good. I'm not worried about how it looks or what kind of car it is. I desperately need a car. Will someone please help me?
050906 Amber Lawson North Carolina (336)992-3806
Van with lift I'm 25 yrs old. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and live on my own in an apartment.  I use a power wheelchair but don't have any way to go out in this chair. This means people have to help me get in and out of the car. They also have to push me because I can't get my chair in the car. I am on a fixed income so I can't. I need a wheelchair van donated so I can be independent in my community. My speech is hard to understand because of CP so it would be best to talk to me by email or IM. Thanks, Amber
050606 Gerald Wright Defuniak Springs, FL 850-259-0612
Van with lift
In need of a van equipped with lift. My husband has ALS, and right now we are using our car with a trailer. If is very hard since he has trouble sitting up without help. And can not walk only stand a few minutes with help. .
Thank you, Tina Wright
050306 Jason b Milton, Delaware Van with lift Jason B is in need of a newer model van, with a lift, is on Medicaid and not able to put out a lot of money. If I could get some information on a good van in the Delaware area.
042906 Barry W. Jones, Sr Southfield, Michigan 248-351-9345
Van with lift I am in need of a handicapped equipped van to be donated to me. The reason I need it is so that I can shop, doctor appointments and church. I cannot afford to purchase one. I suffer with acute and subacute neuropathy, and muscular dystrophy. Also, it should have a lift for a Pride Legend Scooter. Thank you for your time in advance. Respectfully Barry W. Jones, Sr.
041606  051206
Darlene Johnson Colorado Springs, CO or
719-559-2927 or 719-205-6325
Reliable Transportation Single mother of two daughters in need of reliable transportation to finish my externship for school and to start working. Trying to save money, but income is limited. Current transportation is unreliable and unsafe to drive. Lost job because I couldn't get to work. Oldest daughter has epilepsy and I need transportation to get her back and fourth to her appointments. I also help my mother and youngest sibling and take them to their appointments and the store when they need to go. My mother is losing her vision. Please help with a car donation. I'm willing to make low payments. You can contact me at  or .Thank you for giving me and my daughters a better chance in our lives. And God Bless You and Your Family.
040406 Pam Moore Handen, CT
I was recently been told that I have chronic asthma and I have labor breathing. I work but can not use my scooter other than at the Remediation office where I work. I have not way of transporting it. I currently work on environmental Remediation project for where I live my house has contamination. I did to transport myself and scooter to place to keep my position and to be able to fight the fight for my neighborhood I needed a Van fully motorized.
040406 Jeanette Rivera Tolleson, AZ
Vehicle I'm 37 years old with two daughters I am in need of a vehicle to get to work and take my girls to appointments please help.
040306 Jani Wilson Peoria, AZ
Passenger Vans or buses
I was recently helping a group of  hurricane relief workers and realize they have a need for 15 passenger vans or busses. the are currently renting them as needed, but willing hearts helping hand is doing a fabulous work for hurricane victims @ their dime please step forward and help this great organization.
032406 Jennifer Watson Washington Court House, Ohio
740 333 4583
Van w/lift I have an 11 yr old daughter with cerebral palsy and we are looking for a a van with a wheelchair lift and possibly a seat that moves in/out and up/down so she can learn to transfer to and from wheelchair to van. My problem is I cannot afford to buy one myself so I am looking for someone to donate or help me find an organization that would help me raise the money for one. Someone PLEASE HELP us.
032306 T. Hall Albany, Ga.
Van w/lift
I am looking for anyone who may can help me, I'm a single mother of a 14 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is totally dependant on others for his care. I don't have any type of equipment needed for him such as special seating for the bath, and I also need something to help me lift him, he's getting very heavy. He is in need of anything that may help him, he needs a special bed with rails all on the side so he wont fall off so I can have a solid nights sleep. The only thing he has is a wheelchair but I have no way of transporting it and its getting very hard to try and lift him into the car, and carry him into his Dr.'s appt. I don't know what to do about all this or where to turn. This is starting to worry me a lot as he gets older and so do I. I have no where to turn on this and I've written several organizations.. Please help respond or tell me where I can look for help. Thanks
032106 Gerald Wright DFS, FL
Van w/lift
We are in need of a handicapped van. My husband was diagnosed last March with ALS and is in a wheelchair. We have been on a fixed income since last August when I had to quit work to stay home with him. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
031006 Doris Kelly Not Given Van
I had a car accident in 2004.  I am unable to walk. I am a senior citizen, and would like someone to give me a handicap van or somehow a special finance program where as I would be able to purchase a handicap van. I would like some of my independence back.
022406 Liz Ortegren San Antonio, TX (210)-651-7486
Conversion Van with lift
We are looking for a conversion van with a lift. We are a mixed family my husband has two girls and one boy  and then I have a boy. There ages are 7,5,3, and 2. My husbands 3 year old child (our child) is the one with lots of disabilities. He has C.P. chronic lung disease , he is blind, has a V.P. shunt, G-tube, epilepsy ( seizers are every few seconds ) they are sub- clinical, massive brain damage due to 3rd and 4th degree brain bleeds when he was born, he also vomits at least 3x a day (on a good day). We are at the dr. at least 2x a week witch is 35 min away from us. He also goes to the ER  about 1x a month or more often some times. We need a van because we only have one car (we had to sell the other car to keep us from going under in debut.) so every time we have a dr. apt  my husband has to take off work. We arenít looking for any thing brand new just something to help so we donít have get out of work and not worry when we need to go places with Bryan. So if you could help it would be a God sent. Thanks and God Bless. If any one on this site lives in Texas I may have some info about a great program out there for your child if under the age of 21.
022106 Michael Mendez Jr. Sanger, CA (559)876-3092
Van w/lift
I have a history of polio and I need a van with a wheelchair lift, so that I don't have to be depending on others for help.
021906 Rev. Gary Washington Waco, TX 254-757-1660
We at the Greater St Stephen Missionary Baptist Church we are looking for some one to donate a bus are two 7 passenger van for the children outreach program. My God Bless and Keep You
021806 Denise Wilson Columbia, TN 931-840-5592
Van w/lift
52 yr old female with severe degenerative spine disorder with severe depression...I have a care giver living with me but we don't have any type of transportation...would appreciate a handicapped accessible vehicle that I could use with my electric wheelchair for doctors appoints and grocery shopping...I have a doctors appointment with one or other doctor nearly every week and the local handicap services keep strict hours and my appointments do no always fall in these hours....If some one can help me obtain a vehicle I would forever caregiver is paid with room and board as that is all I can afford....Thank you.
021506 Johnny Gallegos Seco, NM (505) 775-2652
Van w/lift I need a van with wheelchair lift with 6 way transfer seat, low miles and dependable.
021406 Alfonso Giron c/o Victory Outreach CA 714-522-0189
Director of Victory Outreach needs a van for the mission of saving lives.  This is a self supported men's home that reaches people who are broken from either gangs, drugs, abused and they are turning their live around in Christ.  Please help. God Bless you.
021406 Susan Ayen Meriden, Minnesota 507-446-1019
Dodge Caravan
I am a 55 yr old woman who has several health problems... diabetics, asthmas and arthritis. I live in the country and need a reliable van to get back and forth to doctor appointments and such. I have family that lives with me yet also. All I have is a van that the engine went on and won't hold oil pressure anymore. The van should be in excellent condition. Would like a Dodge Caravan. I have to have need replacement to so running boards on it would be nice too.
012706 Mark Booker Copiaque, NY 516-810-5012
Astro Van, purchase or trade
My mother is 62 (birthday January 25th) and an amputee of her left leg, plus she has had 2 major heart operations. I am looking for a conversion Astro van with a wheelchair lift. It's hard transferring her around in a mustang 1990, please help. I would love to take her on more trips and vacation but I really need the Astro van. It could have high miles but run good. I'm looking to pay around $2000 or less. That's all I can afford now, or trade in a 1997 Chevy Tahoe with 170000 mile on it. It is important that the van be in excellent condition. I have a bad back and had surgery can't lift her into the truck.
010806 Verne Martell San Francisco, CA 415-221-4810 X4538
Side entry Mini Van
I need a side entry, chair lift, fully motorized mini van in order to be self sufficient. I have a 94 GMC20 full can which I will sell or trade as part pay on a mini fan. My van has rail ramp for wheelchair. As equipped is ok if you have helper. I lost mine.
121905 Lacie Wilson Arlington, TX 817-584-0159
Reliable Transportation Hello, I am a single mother of two wonderful boys ages 2 and 4. I am in need of some sort of transportation so I can get the job available for me so my kids can enjoy Christmas this year. God will bless us all.
121505 Alease Kelly Columbia, SC 803-407-4352
Reliable Transportation, Car
I am a single mom and also soon to be a grand mom on Dec 19, 2005 to my 16 yr old daughter. I need a good running car for myself and my 5 children. We live in the rural area and it's hard to get back and forth to the grocery store, doctor, etc. My engine went out in my car 2 months ago. I was in college and now I have to drop out because I don't have transportation. I am a veteran and trying to get my disability. I've been waiting on it for 6 years. I keep appealing it in Washington. It's been sitting on someone's desk for a year. If you know of any one who has a good running car in good condition, please let me know.  Thanks.
121505 Edie Harford, MD 410-679-6422
Handicapped Van
My son CJ. Carter, we need somebody to donate a handicapped van with a lift on it so it would be easier to take him places he needs to go. He has spina bifida and is in wheelchair. Thank you and may God bless you.
112405 B Ivia Terrell, TX 214-371-0189
Car My sister is in need of car she live a small town and it's hard to get around and she is trying to find work.
112405 Michele Sutphin Elkhorn, KY 270-469-9222
Van I am trying to help a starting church, find someone who will donate a van to help bring people to church, especially those with disabilities.
111705 Teresa Bronson Great Bend, KS 620-617-9052 after 9p or weekends Dependable Vehicle We need a dependable vehicle (truck - mini van - car - used is perfectly fine, Just needs to be dependable as we have no help on mechanical car work). The vehicle is desperately needed as my 16 year old has ADHD, learning disabilities  & asthma and we need to get him to his doctors appointments. Also my 12 year old has ADD. And my 9 year old has verbal Apraxia & Learning Disabilities. We are currently in trouble for truancy because I don't have the transportation to get my kids to school and the few friends we do have give the kids rides for a while but soon tire of having to do it all the time. So my kids don't always make it to school. My 16 year old does have a 1986 Chevy Cavalier that he worked for all on his own (Did the paper route for 2 months 7 days a week to earn his 1st car) but it is not running right now. Needs more work than we can afford ( alternator, plug wires, battery, caliper, brakes and much more).
111205 Agnes Franklin DALLAS TX 214-221-4465
Reliable Transportation I am looking for help with any reliable transportation.  I am a single mom with a 17 year old that's about to come out of school.  I work but I only make $1200 monthly and most of that goes for living. I really need a car to get to work and around. Please if there is any one out there that can hear my cry, please call. This could change our lives
102705 Jodell Worneh Ankeny Iowa
I have a 9 year old daughter and I am pregnant due in march and I am in need of an automobile that is reliable.
092905 Carolyn W Spann Aiken, SC 803-644-9946
Jeep Cherokee I am a single mom who lives off 599.00 a month. I have different doctor appointments to go to weekly. I miss many of then. Most of my medications has a sleep-aide in it which makes me a bit groggy. The car accident I was in left my leg and back not in the best shape to walk much. I need also a way to go the grocery store. I have no one to help me. But I don't give up. I am in need of a 1996 Cherokee Jeep.
092505 Teresa Roberts Weatherford, TX 817-341-7144
Reliable Transportation
I am a single parent of 3 small children ages 2, 4 and 6 yrs old. My husband left us, and has cut off our finances leaving us without a car. I have to go to work and need reliable transportation for me and my family. I am filing for divorce and trying to get on my feet. At this time we are living with my mother. We need to be independent. We need help. Thank you.
090105 Kim McMeekin Perkasie, Pa 267-549-6885
Wheelchair Van In need of a wheelchair van for husband who had a massive stroke at age 50.  Looking for a charitable donation or grant funding -  in financial distress since husband's stroke. 
081605 Jennifer Stanphill Bakersfield, CA
Request made by:
Handicapped Van with a Lift
My sister is in desperate need of a van with a handicap lift.  She is a single mother of a twelve year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy.  She is no longer able to manually lift him in and out of her car as he has gotten too heavy. She is going to either injure herself or him.  She does not work as she has to stay home to care for him and lives on a very limited amount of money and simply can't afford to purchase one on her own..  She would even be willing to trade her 1990 Honda Accord.
081605 Steve Rickman Granbury, TX (817) 579-5083
Van I need a van to take my dying wife to the Dr. and hospital. I work hard and come home and take care of her . I'm even behind on the bills. I don't have any money. I just want her to be as comfortable as she can be in her last months. It is the hardest thing to ask of someone help, but I'll do what ever I have to just so she can be comfortable. If you could help me in any way may god really bless you. THANK YOU
033005 Gerolyn Small Not Indicated
Handicapped Van with Lift I received an angel from above name Taylor. She is beautiful with jet-black hair, her smile is her signature, she's the epitome of excitement and is very inquisitive. This angel is my niece and we have been together for 10 years. When I adopted Taylor, I became a single mother. Taylor was born with multiple challenges, which consists of hydrocephalus, asthma, cerebral palsy, seizures, she is legally blind, and she is feed through a g-tube. She is non-ambulatory and cannot speak, but she is the most adorable little girl you would ever meet. We came to Georgia because I knew that she would receive better care. She is now 17 years old and we have outgrown our transportation. I have to lift her in and out of my car, as well as disassemble her wheelchair. I am seeking a van that's handicap accessible that would allow me the ability to easily maneuver Taylor in and out of a van. I would be greatly appreciative if you would provide assistance for Taylor and I.  Thank you very much.
030105 Bertha Freeman Bronx, NY
718 671-4738
Mini van with lift I'm in need of a mini van with a lift for my fourteen year old daughter, who is totally depended with
cerebral palsy, seizures, asthma, and is feed by a g tube. She has had aspiration pneumonia several times. I'm retired and unable to purchase a van due to our small income. It would be so much easier to take her to her doctors appointments without having to lift her in and out of the car. My back and females organs are not very strong any more. It takes a lot to lift a child of seventy pounds in and out of the wheel chair into the car several times a day. Mariah is a beautiful child and she loves to go, but, we haven't been able to go a vacation in eight years. So if we had a van we could at least once in awhile go to Virginia BEACH. It would make her day, if she could just get out of the city once in awhile.
010905 Bertie Johnson Booneville, KY
Van Hi my name is Bertie I am a mother of three my 12 year old Mary Alice, is confined to a wheelchair> She has a rare form of Leuckrodystrophy. It has affected everything. She only weights 36 pounds but is very long. We have a hard time getting to and from the doctor because we have no van and I am always having to try to borrow this vehicle or that one. We really need a Van for her and no way of getting one. If there is anyway that you can help we would appreciate it. We have a 2 year old a 6 year old and little Mary.
120604 Gerald Castaneda Toledo, OH Pastor Gerald Castaneda 1030 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43607 (419)241-9902
Van I am currently the pastor of the Victory Outreach Church right here in Toledo Ohio. At this time my need is a van for church transportation. We are a non profit organization looking for someone who is willing to donate a van to the ministry. This would be greatly appreciated because it really is a need at this time. Thank you for your time and consideration.
100304 Alfredo Rainone Arlington, TX Vehicle or Repair I'm on disability. My only car broke down and the motor locked. I get 575 a month to live and it's going to take 1500 to fix. That's impossible for me to save. If anywhere someone or some place could help me raise this money or help me get some kind of dependable care it would be a miracle. I have no way to go to doctors, stores for food, and don't know what I'm going to do.
092804 Tabitha Fitzgerald Waynesboro, VA Wheelchair  Van I am listing this need for a child I know who has Cerebral Palsy. He is unable to walk or do anything for himself. His family has no way to transport him to go anywhere so he just stays home unless his school bus takes him to school. He is in much need of a wheelchair accessible van. If anyone can help, please contact me
090504 Cindy Rumney Cophangen, NY (315) 688-4432
Handicapped Van I am in need of a handicapped van for my son and I. So I can get him around to places we need to be. I am on a low income and a stay home mom. My son is in a wheelchair and it's hard to get him place to place.
082204 Alice Perry Covington, TN
(901) 476-5915
Handicapped Mini-Van My husband Robert, stroke patient and amputee, needs a handicapped mini van. He just got a motorized wheelchair from medicare. I need the van to be able to take him out and to the doctor's and back.  Thanks
072804 Mark Baxter Bush, LA
(985) 867-9928
Van About a week ago I found out that the water pump had a knocking in the engine in which Tony's Auto repair will be able to fix my van. Month after month, I have been spending between $250-$350 on repairs. Last month I had to take it to Constantin Transit Vehicles in Baton Rouge because the lock down system broke and air ride system broke. The AC has been broken for over 2 years in which it will take at least $1200 to fix. The van is 9 yrs old and has 140,000 miles on it. Constantin told me that the only solution to this problem is to purchase a new van ($48000., $30000 for the van and 18000 for modification). Voc Rehab is not willing to pay for modified equip on new van for 2 reasons. I'm not employed and equipment already purchased for 1st van. Only solution is to get new van with equipment so I can be independent.
070104 Joanne Womack Boyton Beach, FL (561)-733-5268 Van I am an incomplete Quadriplegic.  I have been wheelchair bound for almost 20 years. I was shot 6 times by my husband and left for dead but I thank the Lord for sparing my life. I want very much to continue to help women in distress but my 16 year old van is no longer road worthy. I find it difficult to ask for help when I read all the needs of so many hurting people (I was a nurse before my injury) yet, maybe I came upon this web site because the Lord wanted me to.  Well, my need is a van, any help would be a blessing.
052504 Colleen R Galloway, NJ (609)-404-3339
Vehicle and any assistance possible. Single mom in need of working car to get back and forth to doctor appointments for my disabled mom who lives with me and my son who has MS. I just lost my job and about to lose my home please email me.  Help needed as fast as you can give it. Any donation will help. Thank you.
041104 Kevin College Park, MD 301-474-5274 (speech impaired)
Van with a lift I need a van with a lift.  I am 22 years old and it's getting too hard for everyone to put me in and out of cars.  I also can't take my power wheelchair anywhere.  A van would really help my family and me out.  I don't care what kind of van, as long as it runs good.
041104 Sharon and Gary Williams Oscado, MI 989-739-3268
Vehicle My husband, Gary is terminally ill with a lung disorder.  We are in desperate need of a vehicle to transport him to a VA hospital which is 200 miles round trip from us.  He has no retirement and we live on social security.  Thank you.
040304 M. Bubb Denton, NC 336-859-2825
Car I have a sister on disability who is in need of a car. It can be an older one, and we can help her keep it running. She has many medical appointments, and a vehicle would be of great benefit for her. Thank you for your consideration.
052403 Roger Fox Hannibal, MO Car that runs (looks doesn't matter) I'm disabled and am in need of a car looks don't matter just so it runs.  I have to go 200 miles round trip to VA hospital

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