Anyone and everyone can join in SHARE's group effort that wonderful feeling you get when you help others. Yes pop tabs can make that difference. That little insignificant tab you pull to open your can of pop can make a significant impact on many individuals through the SHARE Network. The aluminum can is valuable, but is very bulky and hard to store. The pop tab on the other hand is like a gold nugget to those in need. Collection and redemption of these tabs can buy diapers, formula, wheelchairs, accessories, shipping costs of items for individuals out of state, therapy, respite and more, to those who really need it and can't afford it.

Please consider collecting tabs as an on-going fundraiser.

You can use any container, get a 1/2 gallon milk container, large cup, box, and so on, and put your tabs in it. You can print out a flyer wrap to wrap around the container here. FLYER WRAP. When it is full, give us a call or you can redeem them yourself. If you live outside the Phoenix area, please redeem the tabs and send us a check for the value of the tabs. If you are near Phoenix, we will be happy to pick up your tabs to redeem them. (Please collect a full container before calling for pick up) We will send you a receipt for the value of the tabs or the check you send.

We will list you or your organization here as a SHARE Network sponsor along with a link to your site if you have one.

(We reserve the right to refuse to list any sites promoting illicit, pornographic material or any material that is not suited for the entire family)