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042109 Yvette Queens, NY  
Respite and Personal Care Assistant I am a single mother of an autistic teenage boy who is fifteen years of age and is within the low functioning spectrum level of autism.  I live in Astoria, Queens, New York City and I am in need of respite for my autistic teenage son who is 15yrs. of age.  I am looking for a person to accompany him on his medical appointments as well as his Saturday programs.  I am looking for a person that will be able to assist him to the bathroom every thirty minutes or so.  I am also looking for a person that will help to change his diapers if needed.  I would love to find someone to help my son with toileting.  I want my son to be able to go to the bathroom without assistance.  I also looking for a respite person to  take my son  to various recreational activities within the community.
092607 Mrs. Louise Mack Brooklyn, New York
Respite I have an 8 yr old boy with behavioral problems. I am in need of respite help for the weekends. I go to dialysis on Saturdays, and need someone to care for him for me.  Any assistance I can get I will be grateful for. Thank you.
091907 Pansy Santiago Siler Cordova, TN 
Personal Care Assistant Personal Care Assistant for petite (73 lbs) girl with Cerebral Palsy. She's 17 yrs old and is totally physically dependent. Speaks and is very social. Needs experienced person to dress, feed and meet school bus by 6:45 in front of house in a.m. Mon-Fri. Pay is negotiable. Hrs. 5:45-6:45
080607 Shashi Herndon , VA
Respite Looking for respite care on weekends and 1 weekday for my 3 year old with static encephalopathy. Have approved hours through the state to use, need to find someone to fill those hours.
051706 Elizabeth Haumann Mesa, AZ
480 588-8535
Respite In need of respite. Have 13 y/o Bipolar son and 4 y/o little girl. Would be willing to trade with another parent so we both can have some "peaceful" time. I am really in need of some time.
080405 Menia Mesa, AZ (480) 664-0362
Respite and Habilitation Provider
In need of a respite and habilitation provider for my severely autistic son. I have vouchers through the DDD for habilitation and respite so I would be needing someone for about 30 hours per week. Go through any agency that has a center based program. 
032205 Desiree Cusick Buckeye AZ or
Attendant Care and Day Care
I am Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI) in need of someone for attendant care and day care for my children once or twice a week. I have no transportation at the moment to bring my children (3 years and 1 month) back and forth. I live off of a S.S. Disability check every month and have no money to pay for services at the moment. Please, if there is someone who can help it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You.
021105 Robin Roberts Tempe, AZ
Respite If other, explain: habilitative and attendant care providers needed.

Enjoy working with children? I have a 16 year old high functioning boy with Autism. Very fun, intelligent, loves Italian sports cars, video games. He is DDD/ALTCS certified and we are looking for someone in the east valley near ASU. Prefer male attendant, but will accept female for respite care. Please email all responses to the above email address
Thank you
101104 Lin Woonsocket, RI Respite Desperately need respite for elderly couple. Seeking someone with nursing care skills for approx. 5 hrs per day perhaps in exchange for private room and board.
041801 Laura Carter Phoenix, AZ or 602-866-1781 Respite I am seeking respite and homemaker/personal care assistance for my 10 year old son preferably evenings and/or weekends in the North Phoenix area. He has various medical, learning, physical and psychological disabilities. His major diagnosis is Asperger's Syndrome. He is functionally in the 6-7 year old range. He needs help with increasing independent living skills and an exercise program. He is approved for 10 hours a week for homemaker services through ALTCS. Please contact me if you are interested or know of someone who may be.
020901 Liz McClain Apache Junction, AZ Respite Would like to trade respite services, open to anywhere in the Valley as I'm taking training classes all over. I have one 10 3/4 yr. old son, bipolar, very stable and high-functioning right now. Does take meds. Weeknight evenings or Saturdays.
101600 Lisbeth Brooklyn, NY Respite I have a sweet five year old boy that has no speech. He loves to play, dance. He goes to a special to get ABA and other related programs for his autistic problem. I need 7 hours per week and every other Saturday. Also, 2 year old brother in the house. He also goes to school but comes back first at 11:15am. His older brother comes back at 3:00pm. We are a very nice family. My children are very easy, and sweet.
101000 Margie Hyde Park, NY 914-229-1188 Respite My daughter is 7 yrs old, very sweet, happy girl , high functioning autistic, loves to dance, go to the park, arts and crafts, etc. Looking for 4-5 hours per week. Flexible hours and days.
092600 Amy Bonner Scottsdale,
Respite Looking for respite, very flexible hours, about 15 per week, for 2 1/2 year old Patrick. He is a fun, smart, motivated little guy who suffered a stroke at 9 months and lost all motor skills. He is slowly regaining strength and skills. (Scottsdale,
Arizona; 101 and Shea area)
041500 Mary Jo Goodyear, AZ Respite provider Son is 16 years old. He is a very happy, easy-going child. He is in a wheelchair, blind, has occasional seizures, mentally challenged. We have a roll-in shower and hoyer lift. He likes to listen to tapes, rock, go for walks and play with his toys. We are looking for a provider that is DDD certified.
031600 Cindy Valverde Phoenix, AZ 602 268-5550 Respite occasional weekends or special events Daughter, Yvette is 10 years old, no meds or equipment, high functioning, slight CP, delayed (approx 4 yrs mentally).  Willing to exchange respite. Also looking for regular provider.
022200 Trish Gilbert, AZ Respite Saturdays
2pm to 9pm
7 year old daughter mild to moderate MR/ADHD/Pervasive development disorder/delayed speech/seizures grand mal, not epileptic, she stares at times. Also 9 year old, no medical problems, that will be there most of the time.

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